Hot Racing LRR311F Sway Bar Set

Hot Racing Aluminum Sway Bar Set

The Hot Racing Sway Bar Set for Losi Rock Rey. Sway Bars, also know as Anti-Roll Bars, are used on vehicles to reduce chassis roll while cornering, by connecting the left side of the car to the right side. Typically, Sway Bars are used on high-traction surfaces to keep the chassis flat through the turns. This will also provide even traction for all 4 tires resulting in a more responsive car. Swaybars are useful to change the balance of the car, and are used to adjust the car’s lateral grip.

Hot Racing LRR311F Sway Bar Set

Hot Racing LRR311F Sway Bar Set

The Hot Racing LRR311F Aluminum Front Sway Bar Set from AMain Hobbies is intended for use on the Losi Rock Rey. This Sway Bar Set comes with three seperate steel sway bars for customized performance. These sway bars include a black bar (soft), a sliver bar (medium), and a gold bar (firm). This allows you to change the stiffness and grip to meet your individual needs. 

The LRR311F Aluminum sway bar set is intended to be a direct bolt on part for the rock rey. However, It requires to have the Hot Racing LRR5501 sway bar ready front lower arms installed on the rock rey inorder for the swaybar set to be installed.

The Best Place To Buy: AMain Hobbies

Purchase Price: 18.99

My Rating: 4.8 out of 5.0 stars


– Three steel anti-roll bar tuning options, including: soft (black), medium (silver), and firm (gold)

– Blue anodized aluminum bushings and center mount

– Easy bolt-on application

What’s Included: 

– Two (2) swaybar links with hardware

– One (1) soft (black) bar

– One (1) medium (silver) bar

– One (1) firm (gold) bar


–  This swaybar set will only work with Hot Racing LRR5501 swaybar ready front lower arms.

– Recommended to use medium threadlock on setscrews.

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