Discharge Lipo Battery

Discharge Lipo Battery The Fun Way

My RC Lipo battery is worn out and has a cell going bad, so I need to discharge it to properly dispose of it. I was thinking of using my Venom Quad Pro charger to discharge the battery, Then I thought no way. Let’s discharge it the fun way. I grabbed my Losi Baja Rey and went out to run the battery down.

It is not a good idea to run a battery that has a bad cell. You just never know what it is going to do. You should always use a lipo battery charger to properly and safely discharge your lipo batteries.

Note: If you choose to discharge lipo batteries by running them in your RC vehicle until dead (The Fun Way) do so at your own risk. A lipo battery that has a bad or unstable cell can cause problems or even catch fire if ran in your vehicle.

With it being winter and snow on the ground, I knew the temperatures would stay down and if something happens I should be able to quickly save it. At least I hope.

Well, I was able to run the battery down without it causing any issues. The battery did keep cutting out during the run, but that’s all. We kept it in the snow in the front yard. Jumping the little snow pile and shredding through the snow, a fun short run. Just before the battery died, we took it down the stairs to the back yard and in the middle of the yard, it died.

Here is a video of me running the Baja Rey to Discharge Lipo Battery. Enjoy the video.

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