Proline RC Transmission Traxxas Upgrade

Traxxas is well known for making exceptional ready-to-run vehicles that are built to be incredibly robust and have proven to be very reliable, especially the ones intended for off-road duty.  The Proline RC Transmission is designed to make your bashing vehicle into a Race ready RC. This is an optional Pro-Line Performance Transmission and is intended for use with the Traxxas Slash, Electric Stampede, Electric Rustler and Bandit vehicles.

Proline RC Transmission

The Pre-Built Performance Transmission for the Pro-Line PRO-2 SC truck, Slash 2WD, Electric Stampede 2WD, Electric Rustler, and Bandit is an amazing performance upgrade from Pro-Line. The 2WD Slash is one of the most successful vehicles in the History of RC because it brought affordable scale realism to the scene.

Since its release, racers have been modifying and hopping up every aspect of the vehicle to improve its performance but they have always been stuck with the heavy, non-adjustable and non-racing inspired stock transmission.

After over a year of design, development, and testing, Pro-Line has released the Performance Transmission, which has been specifically designed to bring your Slash up to racing specifications. Every feature you would expect to find in a high-end race transmission is now available for your Slash.

This new Performance Transmission is also a great addition to your Electric Stampede 2WD, Electric Rustler, and Bandit. It is also a direct replacement for the Transmission included with the Pro-Line PRO-2 SC truck!

Completely Assembled

Proline Transmission

Transmissions can be complicated to properly assemble and have a lot of moving parts. Pro-Line has done all the hard work for you and pre-assembled the transmission to get you to the track faster! All you have to do is Install it and Go!

The Sealed, Oil-filled Differential has been pre-filled with 5,000 wt. diff oil and the slipper system has been pre-set for the proper performance

Sealed Differential

Proline sealed diff

The single biggest feature and upgrade over the stock transmission is Pro-Line’s Performance Differential. The differential design is based on 1/8 Buggy style sealed differentials and is completely tunable to current track conditions simply by changing the weight of the diff oil.

The Differential features super smooth Steel Internal Diff Gears for the ultimate in durability, and 4 O-Rings and a Diff Gasket to seal the diff against fluid leakage. You will be amazed at how smooth the Differential is and how much it improves the performance of your vehicle like never before.

Slipper System with Vented Discs

Proline Slipper System

The Performance Transmission features a proven, race style Slipper Pad and plate system that is more consistent, lighter and runs truer than the stock slipper design. The Plates used are Hard Anodized Aluminum with Vent Holes, which reduces heat and improves slipper consistency for a more problem free operation.

Sandwiched between the slipper pads is an extra wide 86-tooth spur gear that is not offset like the stock spur. This setup ensures the spur gear won’t wobble. A clear hard plastic cover protects the slipper and spur gear and comes with a removable rubber cap for easy tension adjustment with a 7mm nut driver.

Weight Benefit

Pro-Line Transmission

Part of the performance increase for the Bandit equipped with the Pro-Line transmission is the benefit of weight savings. Not only does the performance transmission have 20-percent less rotating mass, but it is also 20-percent lighter overall compared to the stock transmission.

This translates into quicker acceleration since the motor does not have to work as hard and will yield faster lap times. Pro-Line constructed the transmission with the bottom made of durable high impact plastic while the top gear and idler gear are made up of super strong steel.


  • Pre-Built – Ready to Install and Go!
  • Transforms your Vehicle into a True Racing Machine
  • Fully tunable Oil Filled Super Smooth Gear Differential
  • Racing Style Slipper System with Vented Discs
  • 20% less Rotating Mass than Stock
  • 20% less overall weight than stock
  • 3mm thick Aluminum Motor Mount
  • Ball Bearings used throughout
  • Separate Toe Block for easy Transmission Removal
  • Steel Internal Diff Gears and Top Gear
  • Replacement Part Packs Available Separately


  • Pre-Built Performance Transmission
  • Bottle of Extra 5,000 wt. Diff Fluid
  • Hardware Bag: Motor Screws & Washers, Bumper/Wheelie Bar mounting screws, Outdrive Shims
  • Price: $111.16

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The Result

Pro-Line’s Performance Transmission is the ultimate upgrade for your Slash 2WD, Electric Stampede 2WD, Electric Rustler or Bandit and is the stock replacement for the Pro-Line PRO-2 SC truck! No other company offers anything close to this type of performance upgrade for your Transmission, so be the first at your Track to take down the competition with your Pro-Line Transmission upgraded Traxxas Vehicle.

2 thoughts on “Proline RC Transmission Traxxas Upgrade

  1. I love racing my buddies with my Traxxas Rustler. Traxxas makes some of the fastest RC’s out there. I usually beat my buddy that is running a traxxas slash. This summer i am going to get this transmission upgrade and hopfully bring a whole new level of racing to my Rustler.


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