Tenacity MT 4×4 RC Truck Repaired Once Again

Previously, I posted an article on fixing my Losi Tenacity MT 4×4 RC Truck. After i had run it into a tree and broke the front skid plate. Once I got it fixed up, I was able to get a run on it without any farther issue. This past weekend, however, was a different story.

Broke Again

4x4 RC Truck Broke Again

Once again I had to repair the Losi Tenacity MT. While running the truck over the weekend through some snow, it happened to break again. You can call it bad luck I guess! With only 3 runs on this 4×4 RC Truck, It has broken on 2 out of those 3 runs. This time i did not run into a tree and was not even bashing hard. The snow i was running in was soft and fluffy.

I was jumping a small snow pile and landing in soft fluffy snow. Nothing that should have been any big deal, I have jumped this truck a lot higher before and landed on the hard packed ground. The only thing i can think of is i must have landed on the one front wheel slightly before the rest.

The truck did not get broken too bad, just the left front suspension pin broke and the metal pin holding bracket bent, as well as the lower arm pin holes,  got oblonged.

Parts Replaced

Now that my parts have come in, i am getting this 4×4 RC Truck fixed up again. The parts that i am replacing are The lower suspension arm, the suspension pin, and the metal suspension pin holding bracket. 

When you buy the parts for this truck, they come in sets. The suspension arms come with both front arms. The suspension pins come in a set of all 4, for the front and rear, the metal bracket also comes in a set of 4. Two of them for the front and two of them for the rear, as there is one on the front side and one on the back side of each differential.

4x4 RC Truck Suspension Pin Broke

Ready For Action

The Tenacity is all fixed and ready for action once again. This repair took about a half hour to get these parts replaced and the truck all back together. Hopefully, this next run with this truck will be successful and have no issues. I guess we will see. 

4x4 RC Truck Fixed

2 thoughts on “Tenacity MT 4×4 RC Truck Repaired Once Again

  1. Man, I have the Losi Tenacity MT and I beat on it pretty hard. I have yet to break anything on it. That’s weird yours keeps breaking.


    1. Yea and i have not beat on it, just kinda light bashing. I got the Losi tenacity MT fixed up now, so when i get a chance i will see what happens.


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