Losi Nitro Monster Truck

Nitro Monster Truck LST 2

The Losi LST2 was the next generation of big block nitro horsepower and ingenious design, bringing you the most advanced nitro monster truck ever conceived. Taking Losi’s original “2005 Truck of the Year” LST to the next level of performance, the LST2 features a potent big Mach 427 engine, newly designed driveshafts and axles for added strength, 20mm anodized aluminum wheel hexes, bulletproof aluminum differential cases, 420-series dish wheels and racing tires, beefed up suspension components and much more. Aluminum clutch shoes offer long life and strong, positive engagement to harness the power, directed through a revolutionary transmission that shifts on the fly while climbing rocky inclines or blasting across the flats at speeds over 40 mph. And you will stay in precise control the entire time with JR’s premium XS3 synthesized computer FM radio system. The LST2 is the complete, high-performance, ready-to-run package.
Losi Mach 427 Nitro Engine


  • Potent new 7-port Mach 427 engine
  • Newly designed over sized driveshafts, bearings and axles for added strength
  • Revised suspension arms, hubs, carriers and spindles
  • 20mm anodized aluminum wheel hexes
  • Mega Shocks with threaded anodized bodies and adjuster nuts
  • Losi Spin-Start Electric Starting System
  • Exclusive multi-speed transmission with reverse and slipper clutch
  • Sealed 2-speed spur gears
  • Steel-geared viscous differentials
  • Bulletproof aluminum F/R differential cases
  • 420-Series dish wheels
  • Low-profile ATX racing tires
  • Aluminum clutch shoes
  • High-capacity fuel tank
  • Dual-disk brakes
  • Pro-tune linkage set
  • 1100mAh NiMH receiver battery pack and 110V charger
  • Dual metal-geared Z590 steering servos
  • Premium JR XS3 synthesized radio with 2 steering servos

Product Specifications

Type:4WD Nitro Monster truck

Scale:Monster Truck

Length:22 in (559mm)

Width:18.5 in (470mm)

Wheelbase:14.2 in (361mm)

Weight:13 lb (5897 g)

Chassis:Dual-deck aluminum with composite ladder braces

Suspension:4-wheel independent H-arm

Drivetrain:Center Hi/Lo trans, 2-speed with slipper and 2 differentials

Tire Type:ATX low-profile racing tires

Motor or Engine:Mach 427 (.427cc) with tuned exhaust system

Radio:JR XS3 synthesized FM system

Servos:Z590 (steering x 2), Z270 for throttle/brake & shift

Batteries:1100mAh NiMH receiver pack

Charger:110V, 100mAh overnight charger

Speed:40+ mph

Wheel Size:420-series using 20mm drive hex


Shock Type:Oversize threaded coil-over mega shock

Body:LST2 Racer type, pre-finished

Ball Bearings:Complete

Fuel Tank Capacity:220cc

Needed to Complete

8 AA alkaline batteries (for transmitter)

Fuel (Losi recommends Nitrotane LOSF0120)

Fuel Bottle

7.2V battery and charger (for Spin-Start system)

C Alkaline battery (for glow igniter)

Losi LST 2 Nitro Monster Truck

LST2 Discontinued

Even though this nitro monster truck is no longer available and is discontinued from the manufacturer, There are still a few of them that can be found online for purchase. These are usually in used but running condition and for a slightly cheaper price.

If you happen to have one of these trucks already, parts are still available for them. So you are able to fix them up if they should happen to break.

Upgrade The LST2

The best part about owning this Losi nitro monster truck is that Team Losi has made several versions of this truck. The versions include, electric, nitro and gas. This is awesome news for those of us that currently own this truck. The LST2 can be upgraded and/or converted.

My LST2 was bought for me as Christmas present. Course, it was used and said to be in running condition. After messing with it for while, I was able to get it to run once for about 2 minutes. It will not start again, it tries like heck but will no start. I finally pulled the carburetor off and noticed the o ring seal was torn, as well as the body had a small crack in it.

So, Now I am thinking about whether I want to fix it or just convert it to gas. I can buy a carburetor for about 50 bucks, or I can buy a complete gas 2-stroke engine conversion kit for 299.99. You might be thinking that it is a big price difference but, gas is a lot nicer and easier to tune and is cheaper to keep running.

LST 2 Big Block Nitro

Nitro to Gas Conversion

The Losi LST2 nitro monster truck can easily be converted to gas. All you need to convert this truck to gas is to purchase the Dynamite gas engine kit. This kit comes with everything you need to convert your nitro truck to a powerful gasoline monster truck.

The Dynamite .31 Gas Engine (5.1cc) w/CDI is designed to deliver ballistic speeds with as little maintenance as possible, as well as provides excellent power and longer run times over nitro engines.

Electric Conversion

What if you don’t want nitro or gas? Maybe you want to convert to electric brushless power. Well, you can do that to.

The LST Electric Conversion Hardware Kit allows Losi 1/8-scale monster truck owners to easily convert their LST platform trucks into powerful brushless monster trucks. Converting from nitro to brushless power will allow you to achieve insane acceleration, higher top speeds and longer run times, while still maintaining complete functionality of the two-speed transmission and reverse.

This kit may not be available at all retailers. The LST Electric Conversion Kit LOSB0017 will work with the following Losi 1/8-scale monster trucks,

LST (LOSB0010)

LST2 (LOSB0015)


Aftershock (LOSB0012)

Aftershock LE (LOSB0012LE)

1/8 Raminator (LOSB0020)

Mega Baja (LOSB0013)

Final Thought

Losi LST 2 Nitro Truck

As you can see there is plenty of options for this truck still. Losi has done a fantastic job with the design of this Nitro monster truck. Thanks to the several models of the LST, we can keep, upgrade, or convert to a completely different power system to keep this truck running strong for a long time yet.

2 thoughts on “Nitro Monster Truck LST 2

  1. I Love the Losi LST 2 my buddy has one and has let me drive a couple times. The worst part about it is if he lets it sit for awhile, like a couple weeks to a month it is almost impossible to get started again. It takes for ever to get running and that just takes the fun out of it. Maybe he should convert his.


    1. Hi Chris,
      Well, if he enjoys the sound and performance of the nitro, he should think of converting to 2-stroke. My LST 2 is down and when i get around to it, i am going to convert it to 2-stroke. The 2-stroke is much easier to maintain and just running better and cheaper.


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