Spektrum Telemetry

What is the best way to figure out how fast your Losi RC goes? Spektrum Telemetry allows you to monitor your vehicles data and see how each upgrade affects its performance. Spektrum telemetry technology makes it possible for you to get real-time information on your model’s battery voltage, motor rpm, motor temperature and more.

Spektrum Dashboard App

DX2E Active Dashboard Bundle

By adding the Bluetooth Module, you can download the free Spektrum Dashboard app on to a mobile device and transform the DX2E ACTIVE into a programmable radio system complete with telemetry.

The Spektrum Dashboard app allows you to:

– View your vehicle’s speed, rpm, temps and battery voltage in real-time

– Track your top speed

– Use model memory to save specific settings for each of your vehicles

– Easily add and remove models from memory

– Make servo-travel and sub-trim adjustments

– Set custom throttle limits

– Monitor telemetry signal strength

– And more!

The dashboard app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Just look for it in the app store for your device, it is free to download.

In order to use the dashboard app with your DX2E Active to view all your RC vehicles data, you will need these parts:

  • Spektrum TM1500 telemetry module (SPM6742) or a Spektrum telemetry-enabled DSMR receiver (SPMSR4000T)
  • Spektrum Bluetooth module (SPM6741)
  • Spektrum telemetry sensors for the data you want to monitor (telemetry sensors)
  • DX2E Active Smart Phone Mount (SPM6745)
  • Android Phone (sold separately)

Click the link here for installing the speedometer on the DX2E Active.

Optional Speedometer

DX2E Active Speedometer Bundle

What if you don’t need the full capabilities of the Spektrum Dashboard app? Maybe you just simply want to know how fast you can go. There is the optional DX2E ACTIVE Speedometer just for that! Installation and setup is a breeze. Once installed, the system will use motor RPM to calculate your speed and send it to a bright, easy-to-read LED display that attaches to the transmitter.

Speeds can be displayed in MPH or KPH and will allow you to instantly see the effects of chassis tuning or motor and battery changes. Of course, you can also use the speedometer to prove once and for all, you’re every bit as fast as your buddies are.

What’s Required To Use The Speedometer:

Spektrum TM1500 Telemetry Module (SPM6742) OR

Spektrum Telemetry-Enabled DSMR Receiver (SPMSR4000T) or (SPMSR6000T)

Spektrum RPM Sensor (SPMA9560)

DX2E Active Speedometer Module


Spektrum Telemetry is also available in bundle packs to simplify the process of getting everything you need.

DX2E ACTIVE Dashboard Bundle (SPM6744)

DX2E ACTIVE Speedometer Bundle (SPM6743)
These bundles include all the necessary components to upgrade the Losi TENACITY SCT and MT and Spektrum DX2E Active to utilize the Spektrum Dashboard App or Optional speedometer. Take the guesswork out of this exciting upgrade and save money and time at the same time!
I have been using this speedometer on my Tenacity MT for about two months now, and I love it. The speedometer is attached to the top of the transmitter, which makes it easy to view while running the vehicle. Check out my video below.

Final Thoughts

You can learn more on the Losi Tenacity MT here.

The optional speedometer module is a great and inexpensive way to monitor how fast your RC can go. Very simple to install and once set up, the speedometer is automatically power on by the transmitter. This means, there is no special process to use the speedometer. Simply install and perform the one-time setup and you are done. Now every time you power up your transmitter, the speedometer will be powered up as well. Turn on the transmitter and vehicle as you normally do and go have fun.

2 thoughts on “Spektrum Telemetry

  1. That is cool Spektrum has giving two options for the telemetry setup. This way folks can choose what setup they want or need. I know it is always a good idea to go with the whole system but, i would like to just watch my speed. I always find myself tring to judge how fast my rc is going.


    1. Hi Chuck,
      It is a good idea to opt for the complete system because if you are bashing, you really want to keep an eye on the temps of your electronics, motor, esc, etc. The speedometer only option however, is fine to use if that is all you want. You can always use a temp gun to check your temps.


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