Losi Ford Raptor Baja Rey

Losi Ford Raptor Baja Rey 4wd Desert Truck

Team Losi Engineered the Baja Rey to race and with the 4-link suspension and true-to-scale body make it a supreme desert racer. The Losi Ford Raptor Baja Rey is the most authentic looking Desert Truck on the market with the performance and durability of a race vehicle, as well as being an extreme bash vehicle at the same time.

Officially licensed Ford Raptor Body, equipped with a Dynamite 3800Kv brushless power system, as well as a solid rear axle, independent front suspension, and roll cage with upright shocks, allowing you can tear across all types of rocky off-road terrain, thanks to the full-throttle freedom that only the AVC technology can provide. Just like the full-scale Ford Raptor, the onboard traction control allows you to fly across the desert at speeds in excess of 50mph all while in complete control and completely dialed in. You get an authentic off-road racing experience with injection molded details, light bars, and two licensed trim schemes. The Ford Raptor Baja Rey has just raised the bar another level.

Officially Licensed Ford Body

Officially Licensed Ford Raptor Baja Rey Body

Officially licensed Ford Raptor body panels, licensed Black Rhino Wheels and King Shocks bring authentic scale details to the Losi Ford Raptor Baja Rey. These will have racers doing double takes as they take on all newcomers. The Ford Raptor Baja Rey has the look and feels of its real-world counterparts in ways you never imagined. The body panels capture the design of everything right down to the very last detail.

The scale look wouldn’t be complete without the iconic injection molded grill. Every detail from Ford’s instant classic design is represented in this desert racer.

Bolt-On Body Panels and Detailed Interior

The four-piece bolt-on body panels give the truck an authentic factory look. Eliminating the need for body posts that spoil the scale look, these panels are polycarbonate for incredible durability and rugged good looks. You also get a molded interior that includes a driver and rider figure, both of which sport racing helmet and harness details. There is no need to replace the entire body if a panel gets banged up. You can replace just that one-panel section.

The Dynamite 3800Kv Brushless Power System

Dynamite Fuze Ford Raptor Baja Rey Power System

The Ford Raptor Baja Rey comes equipped with a Dynamite Fuze 3800Kv brushless motor and a waterproof 130A ESC. This potent combination can handle 2S or 3S LiPo batteries and will allow you to hurtle across the landscape at speeds of up to 50 mph.

The unique design of the chassis allows the Dynamite Fuze 3800Kv brushless motor to be assessed without difficulty. Drivers simply remove three screws in the bottom of the chassis and they can then effortlessly make gear changes and service the motor in no time at all.

Waterproof Electronics

The Baja Rey desert truck is loaded with waterproof electronics including the receiver, servo, and ESC. Everything is sealed against the elements allowing you to splash in the rain, spin in the mud and make tracks in the snow. Allowing you the full-throttle freedom to run anytime, rain or shine.

Sealed Metal-Gear Transmission and Diffs

Ford Raptor Baja Rey Metal Gears

The single-speed transmission, as well as the front and center diffs, are sealed against the elements and engineered to handle the abuse of a high-output brushless motor and punishing terrain. MOD 1 gears further increase the durability of this desert beast. The adjustability ability of three diffs allows drivers to set their Ford Raptor Baja Rey to handle any track conditions. Keeping drivers in control during tight turning, the open differential distributes power to the tires in a way that allows you to hit turns confidently.

Aluminum Chassis

Ford Raptor Baja Rey Chassis

The foundation of the Baja Rey consists of a 3mm, hard-anodized aluminum chassis plate with a 3mm upper deck. For added durability and performance it’s integrated with a realistic roll cage made of super-tough composite material. Whether you are hitting the whoops, getting huge air, or just wide open, the durability of the 3mm chassis takes on whatever you throw at it and just keeps asking for more!

Rear-Loading Battery

The innovative rear-loading battery feature makes it possible to change the battery quickly, easily and without the inconvenience of removing the body. Just unlatch the battery door, insert the battery and latch the door closed, and you are ready to go.

Long Travel 4-link Live Rear Axle

Baja Rey 4-Link Rear Suspension

The Losi Ford Raptor Baja Rey rear suspension allows it to soak up massive whoops and bumps with the same realistic handling and movement of a full-scale desert truck. You get better control and a more locked-in feel regardless of the terrain you put underneath it.

The front, independent A-Arm suspension has been carefully engineered letting the Ford Raptor Baja Rey rip across the terrain with confidence. By having fully independent suspension, it allows each side to react accordingly providing more control and more precise steering and handling. With the use of a stabilizer bar, the tires stick to the ground more for that much traction most enthusiasts have been looking for.

Installed LED Light Bars

Losi Ford Raptor Baja Rey LED light bar

The fun doesn’t stop even when the sun goes down with the Losi Ford Raptor Baja Rey. Brilliant LED lights on the integrated light bar cast more than enough illumination for running at night-time. Plus, the body-mounted LEDs place only a small demand on the battery allowing you to stay out all night long!

Just as important as the front lights, Losi added a rear light bar. The red rear lights allow you to gauge the orientation of the truck even in the darkest night.

Full-Size Spare Tire

Ford Raptor Baja Rey Spare Tire

Blow out a tire out on the trail or track? No worries. The fully-functional spare tire not only adds an authentic scale look to the Ford Raptor Baja Rey but serves as a true full-size spare. Easily add the tire and get back to tackling the terrain.

For more info on the Baja Rey Check out my Losi Baja Rey post

Final Thoughts

If you have been looking for a good desert truck or a great bashing truck, the Losi Ford Raptor Baja Rey is the truck you looking for. This desert truck is extremely durable and fast right out of the box. I have put this truck to the test, running hard and putting a beating on it. The Ford Raptor has been launched off 4ft ramps, run head-on into trees, and done countless barrel rolls, and this thing keeps going for more. This truck truly is one of the most durable and capable RC trucks on the market today.

2 thoughts on “Losi Ford Raptor Baja Rey 4wd Desert Truck

  1. I really like the looks of the Losi ford raptor baja rey. Would this make a good basher for someone that is new to the hobby?


    1. Hi Josh,
      The Losi Ford Raptor Baja Rey has a really great look, i agree. This truck is great for newbies and experienced hobbyists alike. The Ford Raptor Baja Rey is a solid truck, which makes great for bashing. The durability is hard to beat for the price.


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