Traxxas Chevy Blazer

Traxxas Chevy Blazer

Traxxas Chevy Blazer expected to be in stores soon! The Chevrolet Blazer was Introduced in 1969 and was General Motors’ two-door Model leading the entry into the booming sport utility market. Its shorter wheelbase and capable suspension instantly made it a favorite in the 4X4 world, earning the love of enthusiasts and collectors. The truck will arrive with a two-tone paint job, clear windows, lots of injection-molded detail and chrome decals. Plus this truck is LED-ready with buckets and clear lenses in place. Expect the Blazer to be in stores mid-April and at a price of $499

1979 Chevy Blazer Replica

Traxxas honors the rich history of the Blazer with the reproduction of the 1979 K5 Blazer built on the renowned TRX-4chassis. Outfitted with replica Rally wheels, a highly detailed chrome grill, Blazer with toughness and technology of the TRX-4 Scale and Trail Crawler. The Blazer’s portal axles lift the truck at the wheels for huge center pumpkin ground clearance while virtually eliminating torque twist. Traxxas TRX-4’s highly adjustable chassis offers a nearly endless supply of upgrades ranging from lift kits and portal weights to full LED light kits and tough aluminum accessories. Traxxas TRX-4’s Blazer combines the style of the grill and a full complement of details for that scale look.

Power System 3S Capable

Traxxas XL-5 HV electronic speed control brings 3S LiPo capability for stronger, more efficient running. Updated speed control profiles have been added for smooth and precise control. The Trail profile provides smooth driving for most of your RC adventures, while the Crawl profile introduces hill hold and instant reverse for extremely technical courses. Both will help you navigate obstacles with ease, right from the start. Long run times, up to 2 hours, are possible with a Traxxas 3S 5000mAh ID LiPo battery pack for some extreme RC crawling!

Waterproof Electronics

Traxxas was the first to bring you fully waterproof RC vehicles years ago with their amazing designs. Traxxas TRX-4’s Blazer Scale and Trail Crawler is fully waterproof for how you like to really play, not just “splash resistant.” There is a big difference. Traxxas’ patented innovation gives you the freedom to concur creeks, snow, and mud without worrying about water damaging your electronics.

Portal Axles

Traxxas Chevy Blazer TRX-4 Scale and Trail Crawler is equipped right out of the box with Traxxas’ game-changing portal axle set. The Portal axles lift the truck at the wheels for huge center pumpkin ground clearance. In order to achieve the same ground clearance with straight axles, your tires would have to be over an inch taller than the TRX-4’s tires. This provides the ability for Straddling boulders with ease, the TRX-4 chassis definitely takes the path less traveled and simply leaves all the others behind.

Eliminating Torque TwistTraxxas Portal Axles

The portal axles use gear reduction right at the wheels that dramatically reduces undesirable torque twist. Total axle gear reduction is over twice that of non-portal designs. The Titan 550 motor torque is translated into straight, powerful, forward motion, rather than wasted energy twisting your truck right off the rocks.

Remote Locking Differentials

Traxxas gives you the ability to lock and unlock the front and rear differentials to suit your driving needs directly from your transmitter. Leave the differentials unlocked for relaxed driving on the trail with smooth, tight turning and better handling at high speeds. When the trail gets rough n tough, lock the front and rear differentials, or just the front, for superior grip over extreme terrain. This design has been proven rugged and capable in the Traxxas Summit. Sleeved micro cables control the differential action for scale appearance, without limiting the huge suspension articulation.

Hi/Low Range Transmission

When the going gets tough, use your transmitter to shift into low range for incredible 4-wheel drive pulling torque. Shift into high range for blasting down the trail. The plush suspension design absorbs rough terrain with ease and delivers outstanding scale appearance. With the Unmatched versatility, the TRX-4 Scale and Trail Crawler is adaptable to just about any situation or driving style.

Rigid Steel Frame

The Chevy Blazer TRX-4 uses a heavy-duty formed-steel ladder frame with molded cross members creates an extremely rigid backbone that lets the suspension do the work it was designed to do. You’ll feel the difference on trails where the elimination of chassis flex allows for precise wheel placement when navigating technical terrain.

Canyon Trail TiresCanyon Trail 1.9' Tires

The 1.9″ Canyon Trail tires and tuned foam inserts are super-soft and grippy to deliver superior bite on rocky surfaces with convincing scale realism. The 12mm steel hex drive makes the TRX-4 chassis compatible with popular 1.9″ wheel and tire combinations so you are not limited on tire options.


Length:20.62 inches (524mm)

Front Track: 9.78 inches (249mm)

Rear Track: 9.78 inches (249mm)

Ground Clearance: 3.14 inches (80mm)

Weight: 6.26lb (2.84kg)

Height: 10.05 inches (255mm)

Wheelbase: 12.28 inches (312mm)

Approach Angle: 59°

Departure Angle: 47°

Breakover Angle: 59°

Front Shock Length: 3.54 inches (90mm)

Rear Shock Length: 3.54 inches (90mm)

Front Wheels: 1.9 x 1.02 inches (49 x 26mm)

Rear Wheels: 1.9 x 1.02 inches (49 x 26mm)

Front Tires: 4.64 x 1.89 inches (118 x 48mm)

Rear Tires: 4.64 x 1.89 inches (118 x 48mm)

Hex Size: 12mm

Speed Control: XL-5 HV

Motor (electric): 21T Reverse Rotation

Transmission: 2-speed Hi-Lo, Remote Shifting

Gear Pitch: 32P

Differential Type: 4 Gear, Remote Locking

Chassis Structure / Material: Steel Ladder Frame with Nylon Composite Crossmembers

Brake Type: Electronic “Hill Hold”

Drive System: Shaft-Driven 4WD

Steering: Chassis Mounted Servo

Servo: 2075X Metal Gear

Transmitter: TQi™ 2.4 GHz 4-Channel Transmitter

Receiver: TRA6533

Skill Level: 2

Battery Tray: 158.75 L x 47 W x 23/26mm H

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Needed To Complete:

  • (1) NiMH (4–7 cell) or LiPo (2S–3S) Battery Pack w/ID Connector
  • (1) Compatible Battery Charger
  • (4) “AA” Batteries (for transmitter)

2 thoughts on “Traxxas Chevy Blazer

  1. I like This Traxxas Chevy Blazer. It looks just like the real Chevy Blazer. I used to drive a blazer years ago and I absolutely loved it. Maybe this summer I will be able to get the Traxxas Chevy Blazer.


    1. Hi Mike,
      I like the Chevy Blazer as well. Traxxas has done a great job with this Chevy Blazer Replica. I hope you do get yourself one.


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