Super Rock Rey

Losi Super Rock Rey

The Losi Super Rock Rey 1/6 RTR Electric Rock Racer is in a class of its own. With a potential to hit 50+ mph speed, a robust chassis and the stability of AVC (Active Vehicle Control), now you can go BIG. Drive with the confidence and control needed for drivers of any experience level. This ready-to-run Rock Racer gives drivers the power and stability needed to dominate the desert with impressive size, speed, and endurance.

If you are Looking for an RC that is big, powerful and different, How about an 8S Brushless powered 1/6 scale rock Rey off-road buggy? With Full independent front suspension, live link supported solid rear axle set-up, long travel suspension, all metal gear drive train and an amazing body on a scale style roll cage are just some features that make up the beast. This off-road beast can not only tackle pretty much any terrain put in front of it, but it can also destroy it. I am going to go over all the features of this exciting radio control ready to run RC rock buggy.

Losi Super Rock Rey RTR 1/6 RCLosi Super Rock Rey

This RTR 1/6 scale isn’t a cheap RC, so get all your details here before taking the plunge and jumping into the world of large scale RCs.

Losi Super Rock Rey

By: Horizon Hobby

Part Number: LOS05016T1

Price: $799.99

The 1/6 scale Super Rock Rey is inspired by the rigs that tackle the King of Hammers and similar places others won’t dare to go. The Realistic solid axle performance joins 8S brushless power that pushes the needle to 50+ mph or more, while the stability provided by the AVC technology lets you hold nothing back through corners and jumps. Over rough terrain, slick surfaces, and loose dirt, you’ll have full-throttle control no matter how the environment fights back. Losi uses Dependable Spektrum DSMR technology to deliver precise control. To make things even better, installing the battery is a breeze with the bottom-loading battery bay, which enables fast pack changes without body removal.

The large tires and new front end geometry increase suspension travel and improve performance over any terrain. Super Rock Rey loves rocky off-road tracks, and the rougher, the better! It also rips through sand, mud, water, and most any other surface condition. The new roll cage design and bodywork make creating the dirt-spitting image of 1:1 desert Long Travel Suspensionracing, rock crawling, off-road action possible.

Long Travel 4-link Rear Axle

The Super Rock Rey’s rear suspension allows it to soak up massive whoops and bumps with the same realistic handling and movement of a full-scale desert truck. You get better control and a more locked-in feel regardless of the terrain its on.

Independent A-Arm Suspension

The front independent A-Arm suspension has been carefully engineered letting the Super Rock Rey rip across the terrain with confidence and ease. By having fully independent suspension, it allows each side to react accordingly providing more control and more precise steering and handling.

Coil-Over Shocks

The long-travel shocks do a fantastic job of soaking up the energy from big bumps and jumps. They also feature threaded shock bodies with adjustment collars so you can fine-tune the pre-load settings of the coil-over springs. External bump stops have been installed to provide plush landings on the hardest surfaces.

Dynamite 750Kv Motor and 160A ESC

large vehicle comes equipped with a Dynamite Fuze 750Kv brushless motor and waterproof 160A ESC. This potent combination can handle 8S LiPo batteries and will allow you to hurtle across the landscape at speeds of up to 55+ mph.

Realistic Roll-Cage

Just like the real desert trucks, the Super Rock Rey comes with a super-rigid roll cage made of super-tough composite material that enhances the truck’s scale looks and durability. It is integrated with the 4mm hard-anodized aluminum chassis plate providing the ultimate protection for your truck and electronics.

True-to-Scale Body Panels

The two-piece bolt-on body panels give the buggy an authentic factory look. These panels are polycarbonate for incredible durability and rugged good looks. The Rock Rey is available in two body color options.Rock Rey Aluminum Chassis

Aluminum Chassis

The foundation of the Super Rock Rey consists of a 4mm, hard-anodized aluminum chassis plate with a 4mm upper deck. For added durability and performance it’s integrated with a realistic roll cage made of super-tough composite material. Whether you are hitting the bumpy trail, getting huge air, or just wide open, the 4mm chassis takes the beating and just keeps asking for more!

4X4 Driveline with Adjustable Differentials

The truck comes with, Full-time four-wheel drive providing amazing traction. Another high point is the front, center and rear differentials can be tuned allowing adjustment of the power bleed between the front and rear drive train. The power bleeds evenly front-to-rear and the truck will drive out of the turns harder from point-to-point. The tuneable differentials allow you to tune your truck for your own preference and maximum performance and traction.

Front LED Light BarsSuper Rock Rey LED Light bars

The fun doesn’t stop even when the sun goes down with the Super Rock Rey. Featuring Brilliant LEDs on the two front-mounted integrated light bar cast more than enough lighting for running at night. Plus, the roll cage-mounted LEDs place only a small demand on the battery allowing you to stay out all night!

Rear LED Light Bars

Just as important as the front lights, the red rear lights allow you to gauge the orientation of the buggy even in the darkest night.

Large Scale Servo

The Spektrum S904 waterproof digital servo is designed to handle whatever you can throw at it. Monstrous torque delivers the most intense Super Rock Rey experience possible.

Bottom-Loading Battery

To help withstand the trials and tribulations of off-road driving, the Super Rock Rey incorporates a bottom loading battery system, which allows you to change the batteries without removing the body. Quickly and easily make battery changes without removing the body or wrestling and messing with battery straps. You’ll be thankful for this great setup after runningSuper Rock Rey Spare Tire a few batteries!

Full-Size Spare Tire

worried about Blowing out a tire on the flats or trails? Not to worry. Losi has equipped the truck with a fully-functional spare tire. Not only does it add an authentic scale look to the Super Rock Rey, but also serves as a true spare. Easily swap out the tire and get back to tackling the terrain.

Scale Fire Extinguisher

The Super Rock Rey features several scale details rarely included. Attached to the outside of the vehicle, the scale fire extinguisher hangs and is ready for action and adds to the realism of this desert racer.

Scale Rear View Mirrors

Scale rear view mirrors on the Super Rock Rey’s doors include high-end details like mirror-like chrome inserts. You can actually see your reflection! Talk about realism!

Scale Window Netting

They really went all out when they designed this Super truck, right down to the Rubberized safety window netting that looks and feels just like the full-scale counterpart’s real netting. Everywhere you look, the Super Rock Rey’s scale details Super Rock Rey Driver Figuresset it apart from the competition.

Detailed Driver Figures

Team Losi is known for adding detailed interiors to their vehicles. Why should this one be any different? Well, it’s not! The Super Rock Rey also has a molded interior that includes a driver and co-driver, both of which sport racing helmet and full safety harness details.

Suspension Limiting Straps

Fully-functional suspension limiting straps look and act just like their real-world counterparts. A buckle allows drivers to adjust the length of the strap.

Scale Rotors and Calipers

Mounted separately, the authentic-looking brake rotors and calipers add to the incredible scale appearance and keep the realism alive as the Super Rock Rey races over rough terrain.Maxxis Creepy Crawler Tires

MAXXIS Creeper Crawler Tires

True-to-scale tires look incredible, TheMAXXIS Creepy Crawler LT 7.0 in tires increase the ground clearance to avoid hang-ups, and allow drivers to hit the ground running.

Licensed Trim Schemes

Licensed Raceline Wheels and Baja Designs trim schemes to complete the scale details of the Losi Super Rock Rey. These trim schemes will have racers doing double takes as they take on all comers.

Spektrum DX2E Active Radio

The Spektrum DX2e Active radio system offers advanced features like AVC control, a 3-position throttle limiting switch and travel adjust. It also has an expansion port that lets you add the Spektrum Speedometer or a Bluetooth module and phone mount to utilize the Spektrum Dashboard app.

Full-Throttle Freedom of AVC Technology

The Rock Rey’s receiver’s built-in AVC (Active Vehicle Control) system works behind the scenes, making hundreds of throttle and steering adjustments per second, so more of the motor’s power is translated into ballistic speed and acceleration instead of just flying dirt. The patent-pending AVC system adds a level of performance that simply cannot be found with any vehicle from any manufacturer other than Horizon Hobby.

Like Electronic stability control in your full-scale vehicle, you can activate or deactivate the system on the fly and adjust the level of stability based on driving conditions. Any RC vehicle can go fast and with AVC you can go faster while maintaining optimum stability in all driving conditions.
As with many of the Losi vehicles, the Rock Rey has Optional Add-Ons Available that add to the already exciting features.

Optional Spektrum FPV Mount

Adding the optional Spektrum FPV mount lets you easily install an all-in-one FPV (First Person View) system. When combined with the Spektrum heavy-duty FPV camera and a headset, you’re ready to experience a driving sensation more intense than any other vantage point can offer. FPV Camera and headset are sold separately.

Speedometer Add-On

Adding the optional Spektrum Speedometer allows you to instantly see your vehicle’s speed in real time (other items may be required). It also records top speed and features an easy-to-read LED screen (optional accessories required). For more information on adding the speedometer to your vehicle check out my DX2e Active speedometer installation post.

Spektrum Dashboard Mobile App

The Spektrum Dashboard Mobile application allows you to view everything from speed, motor and engine temperature, battery voltage and more. For more info Check out my Spektrum Telemetry post

Super Rock Rey Includes: Losi Super Rock Rey

  • (1) Super Rock Rey RTR
  • (1) Spektrum DX2E ACTIVE Transmitter
  • (1) Spektrum SRS6000 DSMR AVC Receiver
  • (1) Dynamite Fuze 1/6th 750Kv Brushless Motor
  • (1) Dynamite Fuze 160A ESC
  • (1) Spektrum Metal-geared 1/6th Servo
  • (1) Product Manual

Losi Super Rock Rey

Needed To Complete:

  • (2) 2S-4S LiPo Battery with EC5 connector
  • Suitable LiPo charger

2 thoughts on “Losi Super Rock Rey

  1. I love the looks of the Losi Rock Rey. The chassis design seems to be similar to that of the super baja rey, which is amazing. I have been saving up for a while to get the Rock Rey, but still have a ways to go. Hopefully this summer I will be able to get one. I think it is an awesome buggy.


    1. Hi Josh,
      Yes it is an amazing machine. It was designed with a lot of similarities of the Baja Rey. Both these big RC vehicles are truly awesome. If you like the big scale large vehicles than you will not be disappointed.


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