Redcat Rampage XB Upgrades

The Redcat Rampage XB upgrades to the electronics is a necessary choice. Redcat uses less than desirable electronics in this buggy. If you plan on running this buggy often, you will want to seriously consider upgrading the electronics. After a short period of time, the electronics start to crap out. Usually, the steering servo starts to give out first. The throttle servo gives out quickly thereafter.

Once you experience the size and power of this ⅕ scale Redcat Rampage XB 2-stroke off-road buggy, you will quickly learn why you need to run better electronics. Redcat equipped this bad boy with a 30cc gas powered 2-stroke engine, tuned exhaust, steel gears, and more. This gasoline powered buggy is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

Rampage XB Upgrade Electronics Upgrading Redcat Rampage XB

When the Redcat Rampage XB electronics start to go, the steering will just quit working. I had this happen to me while running at high speed. Fortunately, I was able to stop the buggy before anything bad happened, as I could not steer left or right. The vehicle would not respond at all to the transmitter steering commands.

Also, the throttle servo gives out prematurely. Usually, when this servo dies it goes into a failsafe (full-brake) mode and stops the vehicle. This is a safety feature that Redcat has installed to prevent runaways. However, this does not always work as expected. The first bit of issue I had with mine, the vehicle actually lunged forward quickly and then stopped after a few feet. When it acted up again, it did its job and went into failsafe mode. That is when I decided it was time to upgrade the electronics.

How To Upgrade Rampage XB Electronics

Upgrading the electronics is a fairly simple process to complete. The first thing you need to do is to figure out what electronics to go with. Honestly, I went with Spektrum transmitter, receiver, and steering servo. Then used a tactical servo for the throttle servo.Replacing The Receiver

Electronics used:

DX2e Active Transmitter,

Spektrum SRS6000 Receiver,

Spektrum S904 steering servo,

Tactical TSX55 throttle servo

Replacing The Receiver

The receiver is in the battery compartment, so getting to it is super simple. Mine wasn’t even affixed down. It was just set inside the box.

Stick the new receiver in the same place as the original one and attach it with double-sided tape. Make sure to plug the connectors in as follows, steering servo into the str port, throttle servo into the thr port, and the on/off switch into the Aux 1 port.

Steering Servo Upgrade Steering Servo Upgrade

To remove the steering servo, remove the center screw holding the servo horn onto the servo shaft and remove the servo horn from the servo.

Then remove the 4 screws holding the servo in place and pull the servo out while fishing the wires through.

If you use the Spektrum servo as I have, You may need to trim a little of the servo mount to get the new servo to fit. Slide the servo into place and secure it with the 4 screws previously removed. Fish the wires to the receiver and connect to the str port.

Before installing the servo horn, it is a good idea to turn on the vehicle to let the servo center itself. Once you are certain the servo is centered, install the servo horn and tighten down the center screw.

Throttle Servo Upgrade

Throttle Servo Upgrade

Removing the throttle servo is much like the steering servo. Remove the screw in the center of the arm and carefully lift the arm off of the servo shaft. This can be done without unhooking the linkage. Now remove the 4 screws holding the servo in place. Lift the servo up and out, while fishing the wires out at the same time.

Take the new servo and route the wiring through the mount and over to the receiver, while setting the servo into place. Reinstall the 4 holding screws and then plug the servo into the thr port of the receiver and turn the vehicle on to center the servo.

Once the servo is centered, set the arm back onto the shaft so the throttle linkage is in the neutral or idle position. The arm should be in the same position as it was with the old servo. Reinstall the center screw.

Binding and Initializing The System

When you replace the receiver, you will need to bind it to the transmitter. If you purchased a transmitter and receiver together than they have been bound at the factory and should not need to be bound. If the transmitter and receiver we’re purchased separately you will need to bind them.

To bind the Transmitter and Receiver, make sure everything is connected properly and connect a fully charged battery to the vehicle, as well as in the transmitter.

Install the bind plug into the bind port on the receiver and turn the on/off switch for the vehicle on, the orange led should flash on the receiver indicating it is in bind mode.

Now, press and hold the bind button on the transmitter while turning on the transmitter. Once the transmitter is on let go of the button. The led on the receiver should stop flashing and turn solid. The system is now bound and ready for initializing.

To initialize the system, leave everything turned on the transmitter and the vehicle to perform this step right after binding.Binding the DX2e Active

Hold the transmitter in full throttle position for 3 seconds, then go to full reverse for 3 seconds, return the throttle to the center/rest position.

Now, turn the transmitter to full right steering position for 3 seconds, and now to full left position for 3 seconds, lastly return steering to the center/rest position.

Turn vehicle off and then transmitter off and wait 3 seconds. Turn on the transmitter and then turn on the vehicle and verify the vehicle responds to the transmitter commands.

The vehicle engine does not need to be running, just turn on the electronics switch and watch the servos while you turn left and right making sure the wheels turn and in the correct position. Watch the throttle servo and make sure it moves in the correct order, throttle, and break.

Upgrade Complete

Now, you should be all set and ready for some extreme off-road action. This Redcat Rampage XB Upgrade provides more reliable performance and control to this large scale buggy. The Spektrum DX2e Active is known for its durability and reliability with superior 2.4ghz signal strength. You’ll be happy you choose to upgrade!


2 thoughts on “Redcat Rampage XB Upgrades

  1. Great tips for the Redcat Rampage. I find this very helpful to me. I would love to get a 2-stroke RC, but I have never had one before. I am trying to learn as much about these gas powered vehicles as I can before buying one. Any other tips on this car would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Hi Josh,
      Glad I can help you out. The Redcat Rampage XB is a nice budget 2-stroke buggy, it does need some upgrades to be a great dependable off-road RC. I have found the shocks blow out and break easily and the steering linkage rod can pop off while running and jumping.
      I replaced the shocks with super baja rey shocks, and the steering linkage I took and notched the ends and installed a c-clip on each end so it can not pop out.
      Now this is a pretty good off-road 2-stroke RC buggy. For the cheaper price of this buggy it is a good deal.


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