RC Fun With My Son

Today my son and I set out to run our RC’s, looking for some RC Fun. We got out our Traxxas 4Tech 2.0 VXL’s and our 2-stroke off-road vehicles. We figured we could run the 4Tech’s for a little while and then switch to some 2-stroke off-road action.

The Fun Didn’t Last Long

While we started out running our street vehicles, it wasn’t very long before the RC Fun stopped. I believe we had about 15 minutes of run time and then my vehicles battery died. I looked at my son and said, O well, I guess I have to get out the big boy 2-stroke!

As I was getting my 2-stroke Losi DBXL ready, he said that he wanted to continue running his 4Tech. That is fine with me! However, I did mention to him he should be sure not to get in the path of the Losi. Otherwise he may not have a car left!

Running And Messing Around

I ran the Losi DBXL and he ran the 4Tech 2.0 for a while. We were actually having a lot of fun. Then, all of a sudden my son decided that he wants to race me. His Traxxas 4Tech 2.0 vs my Losi DBXL 2-stroke Buggy. Sure why not! Is all fun. I know the 4Tech can beat the DBXL without a doubt. The issue is whether or not he can control it.

The 4Tech gets squirrely at high speeds, due to the fact we changed out the vxl system with a slightly bigger 3s system. Now, the car can’t handle high speeds very well now.

The Race Short And Not So Sweet

We line up the vehicles and just gonna do a short drag style race. Ready, set, go! We take off, He takes off like a rocket and then loses it. This let’s me catch up and go for the win, as he goes off course and wrecks.

The car is all good, the wreck did not hurt the car at all. Now, my son wants to make some changes to his car and try it again.

here is the video of our quick race!

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