Losi Rock Rey RPM A-Arms

RPM RC Products have been designing replacement parts for a wide range of RCs. One of their latest product releases is the Rock Rey front suspension arms.

Team Losi has done a great job with the Losi Rock Rey. The Rock Rey was built to be a strong and durable performer. However, The RPM Front A-arms for the Rock Rey add some much needed strength to elevate your truck to be the beast it should be.

While RPM A-arms are stronger than stock, they’ve also been designed with added bellcrank clearance to protect the bellcrank from heavy, full compression suspension slams. This Added protection means fewer trips to the pits and more enjoyable time on the rocks.

The Rock Rey RPM suspension arms are also extremely light, weighing in at 11 grams per pair lighter than stock! Less unsprung weight means faster acceleration, braking, and better suspension performance. It also allows you to move weight where you need it, which can provide more tunability to an already versatile rock racer.

RPM RC Products are all about durability, and providing less weight, these new front suspension arms for the Losi Rock Rey are just one more example of that.

The RPM A-arms are Molded using their engineering-grade blend of plastics, the new arms are a direct fit for the Rock Rey and have an upgraded design making them better and stronger than the original arms. 

Manufacturer: RPM Products

Part Number: RPM73242

Where to buy: amainhobbies

For more information on RPM Products check out my post on RPM RC Car Parts.

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