Rustler 4×4 vxl – Upgrade Parts

Traxxas has announce that the Rustler 4X4 VXL captured the Truck of the Year award in the RC Car Action Editor’s Choice Awards. The award-winning Traxxas Rustler 4X4 VXL is a responsive, hard-charging wheelie machine that launches its front wheels in the air when you punch the throttle. the heavy-duty driveline delivers extreme horsepower to all four wheels with the powerful Velineon brushless system. Aggressive Talon EXT wheels and tires provide versatility and grip for any terrain. Traxxas fitted the Rustler 4×4 with a sleek clipless body. Discover the new standard for power and performance in stadium trucks with the Rustler 4X4 VXL from backyard trails to concrete skate parks.

With the extreme power and performance of the Rustler it can use some added durability. If you bash hard and jump with this beast, then you should be thinking of upgrading the suspension. The stock suspension arms are to stiff and brittle to handle the abuse. You need more durable a-arms. This added durability you will get from using RPM RC Replacement Parts.

RPM Suspension A-arms:

RPM RC Products have replacement suspension arms that are available in several color options. RPM suspension arms directly replace the stock arms on the Rustler 4×4 vxl. These arms are made of strong, durable plastics. They are so flexible, you can flex them with your hands and let them go, they will spring back in to position. Now, try that with the stock ones and you’ll just hurt your fingers trying. RPM suspension arms are a must for durability.

Recently RPM has released some new replacement parts for the Traxxas Rustler 4×4. 

Rustler 4×4 body savers:

The body mounting screw holes create a weak spot in the body and can make the body crack and the screws can pull through the body. If you have pulled any of the body mounting screws through the body, then this is a great solution. RPM body savers will save you from using those thick and ugly body washers or buying a new body altogether.

RPM Body Savers for the Rustler 4×4 are a simple, yet smart solution to solve that problem. These Body Savers have been designed not to look like what they are intended for, to give your RC an upgraded look. From the front side, they look like molded hood vents. While in the rear, they look like exposed sections of a roll cage. It’s a perfect way to camouflage their intended purpose and still keep the body firmly attached to the chassis.

The way they work is pretty simple. There are two pairs of screws holding the sub-frame of the body mounting system to the body in both the front and rear of the truck. These Body Savers tie two pairs of screws together, dispersing the pressure of holding the body to the sub-frame over a much wider area of the body. Even if the bottom of the mounting holes in the body are completely ripped out from prior crashes, this body saver system still works!

Rustler 4×4 wheelie bar mount:

There have been several reported durability and performance issues with the stock bumper wheelie bar mount on the Rustler 4×4. The issue is that the bumper wheelie bar mount is simply too flexible to allow the wheelie bar to work effectively, yet still fragile to the point of needing assistance.

RPM has eliminated the rear bumper wheelie bar entirely! Instead, they wanted to have more adjustability and a solid mount that allows a wheelie bar to work properly. The design is based on a very simple pair of mounts, affixed using stock locations, that allows an adjustable Traxxas wheelie bar (Traxxas #3678 – not included) to bolt to the Rustler 4×4. Simple, yet effective.

RPM Wheelie Bar Mounts are molded from a blend of nylons for the ultimate in strength and durability and are made in the USA!

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