Super Baja Rey – Running FPV Setup

Do you like big scale RC Trucks? Do you like using FPV? How about the Super Baja Rey Running an FPV Setup?

I Have been using FPV Setups for quite a while now, and I must say that it is an amazing experience. I started with flying drones with fpv, then moved to putting the set up on my RC Cars. It was always the 1/10 scale models I used. That is until today!

Today I decided to install an FPV System on my 1/6 scale Losi Super Baja Rey. What a thrill that is. We had such a great time running this beast around with FPV. The Super Baja Rey is an all around great truck and in my opinion, adding FPV only makes it better.

There is something about zooming around the yard, weaving in and out of trees and flying over jumps and seeing it all as if you are in the drivers seat of the truck that is really exhilarating.

The Losi Super Baja Rey is a beast of a truck. I think the size and speed of it makes it more thrilling to drive with FPV Setup.

Parts used for this setup,

1) Losi Super Baja Rey

2) Eachine TX05 aio FPV Camera

3) Eachine VR007 Pro Googles

Don’t forget to check out my post on team associated FPV System here.

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