Arrma Kraton and Outcast

It has been a while since I have run any of my RC’s because it has been too cold or I have not had the time. I have been wanting to get out the Arrma Kraton and Outcast for a few weeks now. Finally, Today was not bad (upper 30’s and partly sunny) for running RC’s. My son and I took the Arrma Kraton and Outcast out for a run today.

We Hit The Parking Lot

We charged up the batteries and grabbed the Kraton and Outcast then, went over to the empty parking lot just down the road. I thought it may be a good place to hit some snow banks and do some jumping as well as some just mess around a bit. It was a decent day as far as the weather is concerned. Unfortunately, it was above freezing so the snow was melting and getting soft. This made the snow want to stick to the RC’s and added a lot of weight, making them sink into the snow.

Small Jumps

There was a pile of snow in the middle of the parking lot, so we spent some time just jump over the snow pile. Then we got started looking for a bigger snow bank to get more air off of. We ran around the lot in search of a nicer, bigger pile to run to jump off.

The Bigger Snow Bank

After running around the parking lot a bit, we found a nice snow bank that we could jump off of and get some good air. I jumped the Kraton off it a couple times, even pulled off a front flip. My son unfortunately, jumped the Outcast off of it once. He did not stick the landing and landed on the front end. That was all she wrote.

Ended Our Run

That ended our run with the Arrma Kraton and Outcast. The mishap broke the front bumper, the lower arm and the shock mount. It’s too bad he broke it before the battery went dead but, we had fun any way. Time to fix it up and repeat. Check out the video below.

For more information on these or other Arrma RC’s check out my Arrma page.

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