JConcepts Small Racing Bag

The New concepts Small Racing Bag is a compact, multi-purpose equipment bag that can be used for about any of your RC needs. It’s design allows you to store and transfer just about any combination of compact RC equipment you desire. There is enough room for a 1/10 scale buggy or some touring car as well as room for radio gear, tools, tires, or various other RC gear.

This racing bag has the JConcepts logo printed, on each end as well as the sides and top. The front-load Velcro design combined with composite inner liner allow for easy access to all drawers individually.

Additionally, two composite drawers with divider make the inner workings of the jconcepts small racing bag nothing short of spectacular for the organization- minded racer.


When built, the drawers measure 15.5 inches long x 10.5 inches wide x 6.5 inches high.

check out the jconcept Small Racing Bag

For more great RC bags Check out the jconcepts sct backpack

or the medium roller bag.

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