Arrma RC Trucks Easter Bash

Happy Easter to all, I hope everyone is staying safe and having a very Happy Easter.

Today we were able to get out the Arrma RC Trucks for an Easter bash. We have recently relocated/moved and because of that it has been a while since I have been able to write and even run our RCs. I was decent out side today, so we put off some of the unpacking and setting up to have a little fun.

The Arrma RC Trucks we took out were the Kraton 6s and the Outcast 6s. We did not get to do anything big, just run around the yard and up and down the street for a bit. We have not got our ramps set up or anything. Sorry, no big air the write about.

We did however, piss off the dog across the street! The neighbors across the street have a yellow lab that really never barks. Until the RC’s come out that is. The dog would just stand there and watch as long as the RC’s were near the road but, as soon as we would head away from the road or pass the house it would start barking like crazy and try to chase the RC Trucks. Lol.

We are in a very quiet neighborhood on a cul-de-sac. It’s hard to believe that any other people live on this street, because it is so quiet. I think they are in for a surprise once I really start running my RC’s. The electric ones get the dog going, can’t wait to see what the gassers do!

That’s my update folks. Just a little Easter day bash with the Arrma RC Trucks. Stay tuned for more.

Happy Easter! Stay safe and Healthy!

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