Traxxas Bandit Upgraded

I received a couple RC cars from a buddy of mine and one of them was a first-generation Traxxas Bandit. These RC’s were in pretty rough shape so, I put them on the shelf and forgot about them for months.

Just a few days ago I got the itch for a project. I decided to see what I could do with the Traxxas Bandit.

As I looked the car over, I noticed all the wheels were broken, the ESC wire was broken inside the insulation, the motor was locked up and the front shock tower was broken.

I started looking through my parts bins and found a set of wheels and tires from a Slash, a front shock tower from a Rustler, a tq receiver and a 60amp ESC/Motor combo that I had purchased like 6-7 months ago for one of my other RC’s that I never used.

Seeing as I have everything I need to revive this car it’s time to take it apart. I removed all the wheels and installed the ones from my old Slash. Then I took out all the electronics.

Installed a Ruslter ESC mount and the 60 amp ESC. Then I mount up the motor and then installed the tq receiver. After all the electronics were installed and plug in, I turned to my gear bin. I decided to go with 25t pinion and 78t spur, why not.

The body that came with it, I was not to crazy for so I put on my old bandit body. Charged up a battery and bind the transmitter and receiver. Well now it is ready to go.

That’s my Traxxas Bandit Upgraded. If your looking to upgrade your brushed Bandit to brushless you don’t have to spend a fortune. This brushless system cost my $45 online. It may not last as long or be as strong as some of the more expensive name brand ones but, it has been doing a good job so far.

Check out my video, I run it through the grass a little then hit the street. It did good and is pretty fast. It got a little warm not to bad but that is cause my gearing and I know that. I like it that way.

Feel free to leave me a comment and tell me your thoughts or questions.

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