Arrma Outcast 6S Jumping Homemade Ramp

Today I wanted to get out the Arrma Outcast 6S and the Kraton 6s. I had the itch for some jumps and a while back a tree fell on top of the ramps I previously had built so, I decided to build a ramp for the RCs.

After the ramp was finished, we had some fun with it. My son took the Arrma Outcast 6s and I took the Arrma Kraton. Tested out the ramp a little bit and then we got to pull off some backflips and frontflips.

Did I mention we pulled off some crashes as well? The Kraton’s front bumper broke off and snapped the screws and the Outcast torn the velcro battery strap. Other then that the RCs came out ok and we had some fun.

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