How To Build An RC Ramp Quick and easy

I wanted to build a new ramp seeing as mine got destroyed. Here is a short post on how to build an rc ramp quick and easy.

I had a piece of 1/4″ plywood and some 4×4 post laying around that would work great. The plywood was 3ft long and just wide enough for the cars, seeing as this is the only piece I have it will have to work for now.

I cut the 4×4 post into two 2.5ft long pieces with a 45 angle on top. Then screwed the top edge of plywood to the 4×4 posts. The remaining section of 4×4 I cut into 12 inch pieces and again cut a 45 angle on top.

I positioned them under the lower section of plywood and fastened them with screws. Then I had to add a 4×4 going cross ways in front of the lower posts to add weight and get that curve in the plywood.

Finally, I attached a brace on the bottom from the front to the back post to hold them straight and in place to keep them sturdy.

Items used:

1/4″ plywood,

4×4 deck/fence post,

1 1/2″ drywall screws,

Power driver with Phillips bit.

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