Big Scale RC Snow Plow

I am tired of busting my back shoveling snow. I know there are a bunch of snow plow setup for 1/10 scale RC’s however, there aren’t any big scale RC Snow Plow.

Well, I built my own. Sitting here thinking what I can do as I was glancing around and looking at the Losi Super Baja Rey. That truck would be sweet with a plow setup, I thought.

With some scrap metal, pvc pipe, rear suspension arms and some nuts and bolts, I was able to build a Big scale RC snow plow with working plow lights for the Super Baja Rey.

I wanted to build something that looked real close to a real truck plow setup. Today was the first test run with the plow and it worked nicely. A few more adjustments and it will be a solid snow plow.

If you are looking for a snow plow for your 1/10 scale rig check out my snow plow page.

Check out my video of the first attempt snow plowing with Losi Super Baja Rey.

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