Traxxas Slash Upgrades – Extreme Durability

Today I am going to share with you some, Traxxas slash upgrades to make your RC extremely durable. “As” you probably already know the Traxxas Slash is one decently durable short course RC truck, however in this article, I’m going to guide you through the process of making the slash the ultimate RC Short course truck for extreme durability. After this upgrade, You can put … Continue reading Traxxas Slash Upgrades – Extreme Durability

Traxxas Slash Review – Features and Review

Today I’m going to share my Traxxas Slash Review. The Slash short course RC truck is it good for kids or grown-ups? Where can you run with this truck? Does it come as a kit or is it complete? Hopefully, this review will answer any and all questions you have about this RC truck. We will be Describing the features and usability along with the … Continue reading Traxxas Slash Review – Features and Review

Traxxas Rustler Conversion Slash

Today I want to share with you my guide to transforming your Rustler into the ultimate durable machine, that will allow you to do more and bash harder without the cost of constantly replacing front end parts. I am going to teach you how to accomplish the Traxxas Rustler Conversion Slash build. The Rustler – the Starting point Now you have the Traxxas Rustler and … Continue reading Traxxas Rustler Conversion Slash

Proline RC Transmission Traxxas Upgrade

Traxxas is well known for making exceptional ready-to-run vehicles that are built to be incredibly robust and have proven to be very reliable, especially the ones intended for off-road duty.  The Proline RC Transmission is designed to make your bashing vehicle into a Race ready RC. This is an optional Pro-Line Performance Transmission and is intended for use with the Traxxas Slash, Electric Stampede, Electric Rustler … Continue reading Proline RC Transmission Traxxas Upgrade