RPM Shock Shaft Guards Traxxas X-Maxx

Keep Rocks, dirt and debris from attacking your shock shafts. When things hit your shock shafts it leads to dents, dings and burrs, which, will eventually lead to pitted shafts and torn shock seals. Torn shock seals means leaky shocks and poor shock performance. RPM Shock Shaft Guards shield the shock shaft from those deteriorating elements, prolonging the life of the shock shaft, which improves the long-term … Continue reading RPM Shock Shaft Guards Traxxas X-Maxx

Losi Tenacity SCT Parts

If you’re looking for bulletproof Losi Tenacity (SCT, T & DB) parts, RPM has you covered. Their front & rear skid plates are designed to fit both the molded chassis version as well as the aluminum chassis version of the Tenacity. Molded Chassis versions One of the main breakage area of the molded Tenacity chassis is the area located just behind the front bulkhead mounting screws. … Continue reading Losi Tenacity SCT Parts


ARRMA unveils the 1/7 scale LIMITLESS 4WD roller, the first street basher in the lineup of fast, tough RC vehicles. Drivers can use their experience and equipment of choice to customize the ARRMA LIMITLESS for extreme speed and power. It’s bash hardened and fully customizable, which allows you to tune it just the way you want it. The ARRMA LIMITLESS street basher excels on all roads, … Continue reading ARRMA LIMITLESS – 1/7 ALL ROAD SPEED ROLLER


Bigger than big and engineered for brute power and toughness, the ARRMA KRATON 8S BLX 4WD Monster Truck takes your bashing ability to the next level. Its metal-reinforced design lets you blast up, over, and through obstacles without worry. This monster is outfitted with Metal shafts, turnbuckles and outdrives, plus all-metal internal gears, to give the drivetrain and suspension system unstoppable strength. The anodized aluminum … Continue reading ARRMA KRATON 8S BLX Monster Truck RTR

FPV Beginners

Have you ever used or thought about using First Person View (FPV)? If so, then you know how thrilling it can be. It is true that FPV is mostly used in drones and aircraft, however it has gained popularity amongst the ground running vehicles in the last couple of years. I Have been using FPV Setups for quite a while now, and I must say … Continue reading FPV Beginners


Take your truck bashing to the street with the ready-to-run ARRMA INFRACTION 6S BLX 4WD resto-mod truck. DESIGNED FAST & TOUGH — for hard-hitting action at speeds of 80+ mph with 6S power. The First Truck Of It’s Kind, With its 4X4 traction, you can run the INFRACTION 6S BLX on all roads, in any condition — over loose gravel, asphalt, smooth dirt, short grass, … Continue reading ARRMA INFRACTION 6S BLX 1/7 Street Truck