Redcat Rampage XB Upgrades

The Redcat Rampage XB upgrades to the electronics is a necessary choice. Redcat uses less than desirable electronics in this buggy. If you plan on running this buggy often, you will want to seriously consider upgrading the electronics. After a short period of time, the electronics start to crap out. Usually, the steering servo starts to give out first. The throttle servo gives out quickly … Continue reading Redcat Rampage XB Upgrades

DX2E ACTIVE Speedometer

DX2E Active Speedometer Installation

How to install and set up the speedometer module On the DX2E Active. Here is my step by step guide, I will be using the Losi Tenacity MT for this install. First, I want to tell you a little about the DX2E Active speedometer module. Beginners and experienced bashers who want to upgrade to a more capable RC transmitter without spending a fortune will love … Continue reading DX2E Active Speedometer Installation

RC Wheel Balancing

RC Wheel Balancing Guide

Balancing street car tires help it produce more consistent traction and allows the car to operate more efficiently, which is important when you’re chasing that hundredth of a second. For your off-road, playing around driving, balancing tires isn’t as important. In any case, it is not hard to do and you’ll find that your car rides smoother after balancing. You can buy tools specifically designed … Continue reading RC Wheel Balancing Guide