Traxxas Rustler 4x4 Shocks upgrade

Traxxas Rustler Shocks Aluminum Upgrade

After running my Rustler 4×4 the first time, I had to upgrade my Traxxas Rustler Shocks. The Rustler 4×4 is an amazing off-road basher, however, Like most, the Traxxas RC Vehicles, the shocks are left needing much improvement. Right out of the box the Traxxas Rustler 4×4 VXL is built well. I have had a few runs on it and the only area needing help … Continue reading Traxxas Rustler Shocks Aluminum Upgrade

How To Choose RC Gearing Correctly

Changing the RC gearing on your vehicle can make a lot of difference in its performance. Knowing how to gear it right is very important! Incorrect gearing can cause overheating issues and performance problems. RC Gearing means making a compromise between acceleration, top speed, and duration. How do you find the right combination?It is probably fair to say that finding the correct gearing for your … Continue reading How To Choose RC Gearing Correctly

Rustler Magnum 272 gearbox

Traxxas Rustler Transmission

The Traxxas Rustler Transmission in newer Traxxas Rustler’s feature all metal gears with sealed ball bearings. The sealed gearbox case protects the Magnum 272 Transmission from the elements, Keeping out water and debris. The Magnum 272 includes the Traxxas Planetary gear differential that features, hardened steel internal gears and steel ring with a nylon housing combined with 48 pitch ring and pinions provides extra long … Continue reading Traxxas Rustler Transmission

Traxxas VXL-3s ESC

Traxxas ESC Programming

Traxxas RC vehicles come with an Electronic Speed Control (ESC) that allows you to change the driving modes and battery type to fit your driving needs. This Traxxas ESC Programming guide will help you learn how to set up and program your Traxxas models. The programming procedures are the same for XL-5 and VXL-3 Electronic Speed Control. ESC Programming Setup Before you attempt to program … Continue reading Traxxas ESC Programming