Traxxas Telemetry Setup

This Traxxas Telemetry Setup is the basic setup, using just the temperature and voltage sensor combo. This is a great way to monitor your motor temperature and battery voltage of your RC vehicle. A very important part of bashing is monitoring the motor temps at minimum. I will get into the more advanced installation and setup at a later date. Traxxas Telemetry Installation In order … Continue reading Traxxas Telemetry Setup

JConcept F2 Traxxas Rustler Body

The F2 Traxxas Rustler Body by JConcept has been a trend setting design since its release on the buggy population. Now, Traxxas Rustler drivers can drop-on a race favorite design to their bash vehicle of choice. Once again the slate is swiped clean and the F2 body was a ground up design started in the computer and ultimately finished by hand. One of the main … Continue reading JConcept F2 Traxxas Rustler Body

Traxxas Rustler 4x4 Shocks upgrade

Traxxas Rustler Shocks Aluminum Upgrade

After running my Rustler 4×4 the first time, I had to upgrade my Traxxas Rustler Shocks. The Rustler 4×4 is an amazing off-road basher, however, Like most, the Traxxas RC Vehicles, the shocks are left needing much improvement. Right out of the box the Traxxas Rustler 4×4 VXL is built well. I have had a few runs on it and the only area needing help … Continue reading Traxxas Rustler Shocks Aluminum Upgrade

Traxxas UDR Light Kit

Unlimited Desert Racer LED Traxxas UDR Light Kit provides ultra-scale looks and performance. The new High Intensity LED Off-Road Light Kit for the Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer is sure to flood your way with bright lighting! First Of A Kind Traxxas innovation delivers rich features, extreme performance, and detailed scale looks not found on any other lighting system. Traxxas has included a High Voltage Amplifier that … Continue reading Traxxas UDR Light Kit

New Fiesta ST Electric Rally Car

VR46 Fiesta ST Rally Car The Traxxas Fiesta ST Rally is a 1/18 Scale, 4WD Ready to Run Rally Racer. The Fiesta Rally combines a compact and affordable model with precision and performance that is ready for fun in an instant. The New Fiesta ST Rally is fully assembled and Ready-to-Race right out of the box, and includes everything you need in the package, including … Continue reading New Fiesta ST Electric Rally Car