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HPI Racing universal drive shafts

HPI Racing Venture Front Universal Drive Shafts

HPI Racing has introduced the new front universal drive shafts for the Venture. The drive shafts are machined from tough steel, these universal drive shafts add extra durability and functionality to the drivetrain. They replace the standard straight dogbones and axle drive cups of the front axle with a coupled option, making maintenance easier and strengthening the steering and drive line to handle almost any terrain.

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2 thoughts on “HPI Racing universal drive shafts”

  1. Ken says:

    These HPI Racing Universal Drive Shafts are a great upgrade to the HPI Venture. The steel shafts should be able to handle a lot more abuse than the stock plastic ones.

    1. Tim says:

      Hello Ken, You are absolutely right! The HPI universal drive shafts are a great upgrade that adds some real durability.
      Thank you,

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