Traxxas Servo High-Torque 400

Traxxas has Introduced the new High-Torque 400 Red Servo! This #2255 Servo is Designed to shred tough desert terrain, When your truck or Racer needs lightning-quick steering response and the power to hold course through the deepest sand, This Traxxas Servo has you covered. This High-Torque 400 Red Brushless Digital Servo has over 3 times more torque than the standard #2075 servo, the High-Torque 400 provides noticeably … Continue reading Traxxas Servo High-Torque 400

New Slash 4×4 Ultimate

Traxxas has been at it again! The Traxxas Slash 4×4 Ultimate is one of the most sought after short course trucks among RC enthusiasts. Traxxas has announced the new redesign of this already great SCT. This performance build machine comes with a low-CG chassis and upgraded high-performance aluminum parts from the factory, as standard equipment. The Ultimate has always been a favorite of ours for bashing … Continue reading New Slash 4×4 Ultimate

Rustler Magnum 272 gearbox

Traxxas Rustler Transmission

The Traxxas Rustler Transmission in newer Traxxas Rustler’s feature all metal gears with sealed ball bearings. The sealed gearbox case protects the Magnum 272 Transmission from the elements, Keeping out water and debris. The Magnum 272 includes the Traxxas Planetary gear differential that features, hardened steel internal gears and steel ring with a nylon housing combined with 48 pitch ring and pinions provides extra long … Continue reading Traxxas Rustler Transmission

Traxxas Vehicles

Traxxas Bandit VXL – Fast and Fun off-road RC buggy. To learn more about this amazing off-road buggy, check out my traxxas bandit review. ==>Click here to get this bandit<== Traxxas Rustler VXL – Fast and Exciting RC stadium truck. Handles great on all types of Terrain. This RC is able to preform well in street racing and on dirt track. Learn more about the Traxxas Rustler RC. ==>To Buy Click … Continue reading Traxxas Vehicles

Traxxas Slash with leds

Traxxas RC Cars

Traxxas has been in the RC industry and building and designing complete ready to race RC cars since 1986 and have over 25 amazing models available. “If” you’re looking for fairly inexpensive RCs, Then you should take a look at Traxxas RC Cars. Traxxas is one of the top-selling brands in radio control. These RC cars are the best for beginners and anybody who wants … Continue reading Traxxas RC Cars

Extreme RCs

Traxxas Rustler Upgrades – upgrades to keep you running!

I want to share some tips on some Traxxas Rustler Upgrades. These Upgrades make the Traxxas Rustler a seriously durable RC. If you are into the RC hobby like me and you own an RC Car that you run just about every chance you get, then you should do some upgrades. This is a great RC Stadium Truck that can be run on and off-road, … Continue reading Traxxas Rustler Upgrades – upgrades to keep you running!

Traxxas Rc Vehicles – Durable Rc Cars and Trucks

”If” in the market for an RC vehicle, Traxxas RC Vehicles surely has something that will peak your interest, whether it’s off-road, streetcar, water running or even taking to the sky. Traxxas RC vehicles are great vehicles with some pretty cool upgrade features and options. Take the off-road vehicles, for instance, the upgrades that can be done to these vehicles are many, from adding GPS … Continue reading Traxxas Rc Vehicles – Durable Rc Cars and Trucks

RC High Jump – when the guys are bored

When the guys are left at home and are bored, naturally they are gonna find something to entertain themselves. The rc high jump was the result. They started out jumping over a picnic table and quickly thought they should set stuff on top of the table to jump over.   It started out with running the Losi Super Baja Rey’s, until the last jump the … Continue reading RC High Jump – when the guys are bored