RC Car Wheel Extensions

RC Car Wheel Extensions

Prepare your vehicle to handle any off-road situation with these heavy-duty 28mm RC car wheel extensions. Adding these wheel extensions, will give your rig an extra 28mm (1.10inch) of vehicle width for increased stability and handling. The Hot Racing Aluminum 12mm Hex Wheel Extensions adds 28mm of width to your Traxxas Slash 4X4, Stampede 4X4, and Rally vehicles with 5mm diameter outer stub axles. Gain … Continue reading RC Car Wheel Extensions

RC Car Tire Balancer

“When” you use an RC Car Tire Balancer you’ll have smooth driving. This means, No more shakes, No more wobble or vibrations. Do you normally balance your real vehicle’s wheels and tires? Well, you should do the same for your RC vehicle with the RC car tire Balancer from Integy. The Integy C25884 tire balancer features a Billet Machined alloy construction, precision ball bearing and … Continue reading RC Car Tire Balancer

RC Wheel Balancing

RC Wheel Balancing Guide

Balancing street car tires help it produce more consistent traction and allows the car to operate more efficiently, which is important when you’re chasing that hundredth of a second. For your off-road, playing around driving, balancing tires isn’t as important. In any case, it is not hard to do and you’ll find that your car rides smoother after balancing. You can buy tools specifically designed … Continue reading RC Wheel Balancing Guide

RC Transmitter Steering Wheel

RC Transmitter Steering Wheel Upgrade

Everyone sooner or later does some upgrades to there RC vehicles but, have you ever thought of upgrading your Transmitter? What if you could upgrade your transmitter for a real customized look? Well, Even your radio transmitters could use some upgrades, and here is one that is sure to give you a full customized feel – Integy’s Evolution line of Steering Wheels are designed to … Continue reading RC Transmitter Steering Wheel Upgrade

TLR 8ight-XE Race Electric Off Road Buggy Kit

The latest electric 1/8 scale off-road buggy kit from TLR is the EIGHT-XE. The EIGHT-XE comes hot on the heels of its nitro “X” series brother, sporting lots of improvements for increased handling, as well as improved durability. When the original TLR 8IGHT-E came to market, it turned the electric 1/8 Buggy market on its lid with a unique chassis layout and innovative design. The all-new Team Losi … Continue reading TLR 8ight-XE Race Electric Off Road Buggy Kit

MIP X-Duty Rear Center Shaft Kit #18350

MIP has released the New X-duty rear center shaft kit for the Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer. This not your traditional MIP X-Duty Center Drive Kit, It has been beefed up and Made as a solid steel alloy CVD Shaft, the MIP X-Duty Center Shaft is designed and built to handle any and all driving conditions. The MIP X-Duty Center Shaft can be installed easily and requires no … Continue reading MIP X-Duty Rear Center Shaft Kit #18350