RC Car Truck 6 LED body lights kit set with Snap-In Holder Rings



These lights help you see what direction the car is moving along with lighting the path ahead of the car. Just because it is dark doesn’t mean the RC fun has to stop. Set your RC apart from the rest by adding LED lighting. LED’s don’t use much power so, it will not take away from the performance and runtime of your RC. Light’em up!

  • Included: 2 white LED headlights / 2 red LED taillights / 2 blue LED lights / 6 LED holders for 1/4 inch hole / JST connector / servo connector (both male and female)
  • Plug directly into red JST connector on the Traxxas brand ESC’s (electronic speed controller)
  • You can always power the LED’s from your receiver. Most ESC’s product 5V and send it back to the receiver leaving the Bat plug spot available for LED lights to use with the included servo adapter OR just use any open channel slot on the receiver


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