RC Body Clips

The RC Body clips here fit most 1/10 scale RC vehicles. These are High quality and stronger than most stock body clips. You can find all your body clips and clip retainers below.

100-pack universal 1/10 scale. Get Your RC body clips Here.


100-pack body clips angled to fit redcat 1/10 scale RC car. This 100 pack body clips can be purchased for $7.99

==>Buy RC Body Clips Here<==


100-pcs colored 1/8 and 1/10 scale rc car body clips. These clips are made of superior stainless steel for long lasting durability and are an essential part of your RC vehicle. These colored RC body clips are slightly bent allowing them to be installed and removed easily. You can buy this 100 pack clips for $13.99


==>Get Your Colored Body Clips Here<==


4-pack red rubber leash and body clips

==>Buy Here<==


2-pack black body clip retainers

==>Get them here<==


2-pcs red rubber body clip retainers.

==>Buy Them Here<==


Rubber leash with blue body clips.



10-pack large green 1/10 scale rc car body clips

==>Buy Green Body Clips Here<==

12-pcs RC Body Clips with Orange aluminum easy pull tabs.

==>Get yours today<==


Set of 2 Blue RC body clip retainer. Each holds two body clips, one on each end.

==>Buy Here<==

There are many different body clips to fit your need. The cheapest place to buy is ebay. Buy Here RC Body Clips

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