RC Lipo Batteries

With today’s battery technology finding good quality batteries is easier than ever. There are so many battery options you can choose from. RC Lipo Batteries is the best option for you to use in your RC Car. Lipo Batteries provide more power and decent run time.

There are many brands of Lipos for RC cars and many sizes, voltage, Mah, and charge rate. You should be sure of what size battery is best suited for your RC model before buying one.

Most RC Vehicles either don’t come with a battery at all or come with a NiMH battery pack. The NiMH battery is a good battery for starting out or if on a budget. Otherwise, I would personally switch to a lipo right away. “It” won’t take long of running the Nimh, and you’ll be ready to upgrade to the lipo.

For more information on RC Batteries check out my RC Batteries Review. Which should give you a good understanding of the aspects of choosing the right battery for your RC model.

The Best place to buy: EBay.com and Amazon.com

My recommended RC Car Lipo Batteries.

Lecron pro lipo batteries, These batteries are some of the best I have ever used. My first Lectron battery was a 2s 5200mah 50c lipo. I bought the Lectron battery to replace the stock NiMH battery. When I dropped in the Lectron 2s lipo, I could not believe the difference it made.

My RC car had so much more power and longer run time. The stock NiMH battery only gave me about 20-25 minutes of run time before it was dead. With the 2s lipo battery I was getting 35-40 minutes of run time, that’s a big difference. This Lectron 2s 7600mah 35c has a price of $34.99

==>Get Lectron Lipos Here<==

“It” wasn’t long and I bought a Lectron 2s 7200mah 75c lipo battery and again I was shocked at the difference that battery made. This battery had a lot more punch than the 50c battery had. “I” also gained runtime, jumping it to 45 minutes on one battery.

These lipo batteries are now over two years old and still going strong. They have held up to hard bashing, high jumping, and most of all hard crashing. This two-pack 3s 5200mah 50c lipos can be purchased for only $116.99

==>Get The Lectron 3S 2Pack Here<==

Now I have recently purchased Lectron 3s 5200mah 50c Lipos. All I can say is, wow. Do yourself a favor and stick with 2s lipo batteries, Unless you do some real upgrades to your RC.

My RC has upgrades to handle the hard abuse I put it through on a daily basis, and it’s not good enough for the power of the 3s lipo.

Venom Lipo Battery. These are some great lipo batteries for a fairly cheap price. The Venom 25c 2s 5000mah 7.4v Lipo can be found for a price of $54.54

==>Get the Venom Lipo Here<==

The first run with my 3s battery I blew 3 out of the 4 tires. “I” Replaced them and tried again, this time I broke one of my steel axles. Well, I replaced the axle and gave it another shot, and fried my slipper clutch.

If you’re planning on running 3s stick to pavement running or very light off-road. WATCH your TEMPS. “I” can’t stress this enough. The 3s will make your stock brushless system get very hot quickly and end up overheating or burn up your ESC and/or motor.

The Lectron Lipo Batteries are my top recommended lipo battery.

Another Lipo battery I will recommend is Gens Ace Lipo. These are great batteries as well and can be purchased for about the same cost as the Lectron battery, maybe a couple of dollars more. A Gens Ace 2s 500mah 50c has a price of $ 40.69. Don’t get me wrong, The Gens Ace lipo batteries are a really good battery. “I” personally have had better luck with lectron.

 ==>Get The Gens Ace Here<==

These are my recommended RC Car Lipo Batteries.

What are your thoughts and opinions? leave me a comment below and let me know. “I” look forward to hearing your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “RC Lipo Batteries

  1. I am looking to upgrade my brushed rustler to brushless and I need to get a lipo battery as well. What battery will be good for a rustler?


    1. Hi John,
      The car doesn’t care what battery you have, the power system does. Depending upon what motor/esc system you have determines the amps needed. That will determine what battery would be best. You can check out my understanding lipo batteries post for some help with this. The Lectron pro batteries are great batteries for a decent price. I run Lectron pro in my traxxas vxl system and dynamite fuze 3800kv brushless system and it does well.


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