Duratrax pit-tech Deluxe car stand

RC Car Stand

Part of the fun that comes from being an RC enthusiast is working on the RC vehicles. When it comes to working on your RC vehicles, whether it be replacing broken parts or doing upgrades, You can’t go wrong using the DuraTrax Pit Tech Deluxe Car Stand.

Duratrax Pit-Tech Deluxe Car StandDuratrax pit tech Deluxe Car Stand

The Duratrax pit-tech Deluxe Car Stand is a convenient workstation for all your 1/8, 1/10, and 1/12 scale cars and trucks. No matter where you plan to run this car stand is great for at home and on the go. This sturdy stand disassembles quickly and easily and stores flat, making it perfect to fit in a field bag or toolbox. The cut out for the shaft to lay in the base can be used while using the stand as a parts or fastener tray, providing two trays.

The Duratrax RC car stand has molded rubber inserts in the upper plate to grip chassis securely to avoid the chassis from slipping off the stand, allowing you to work easier. Easily accessible extra-large parts tray in each end of the base, that provide an area to keep parts, tools and screws handy while working on your car. Duratrax pit-tech Deluxe Car Stand is available in blue or black.


  • Dropped center section accommodates models with uneven chassis bottoms
  • Built-in holes to keep parts and fasteners handy when rebuilding or repairing
  • Base that holds the piviot shaft and 4 pegs molded into stand so all the pieces will stay together in the field bag
  • Sturdy, high-impact polystyrene stand with rotating top plate
  • Molded rubber inserts in the upper plate to grip chassis securely
  • Easily accessible two extra-large parts tray in base
  • Stand can be disassembled and stored flat for easy transport/storageDuratrax Deluxe RC Car Stand


One DuraTrax Blue Polystyrene Top Plate with Black Rubber Grips,

One Polystyrene Base with Aluminum Pivot Shaft Support,

and One Aluminum Pivot Shaft



Assembled Size

Length: 7-7/8″

Width: 6-1/8″

Height: 4-1/4″

Storage Size

Length: 7-7/8″

Width: 6-1/8″

Height: 2-1/2″

Enjoy the convenience of an RC car stand and make it easier for all your RC repairs. These stands are sturdy enough to even keep your cars on when not in use. A great way to make it easy to work and showcase your RC projects to friends and family with the top swivel plate lets you spin the car to see all sides without the need of moving and re-positioning you vehicle.Duratrax RC stand

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