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RC Tool Stand

The RC Tool Stand for your FPV tools. “If you are looking for a Tool Stand/Holder for Screw Drivers /Hex Drivers/Phillips Head/Flat Head/Star Head/Precision/Tools, This tool stand is Really unique and is very useful for organizing and storing tools providing easy access when needed.

RC Tool Stand

Features & details

  • Unique and useful Screwdriver Rack for organizing and storing tools that are just lying around.
  • Suitable for most inner six corners suits, round hole diameter 23mm. Also, you could lay nuts, standoffs and other small RC parts in this screwdriver stand.
  • Lightweight, and easy to install.
  • Material: 2mm acrylic organic plastic board
  • Package included:1 X Screwdriver Rack

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2 thoughts on “RC Tool Stand”

  1. John says:

    This rc tool stand looks like it is amazing! A tool stand like this one should help to keep my tools and small parts organized and in one place. Thank you for the Information

    1. Tim says:

      Hello John,
      This RC Tool Stand will surely keep your tools organized and help to have your small parts right there ready to use when needed.
      Thank you,

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