The Losi Tenacity MT and Losi Baja Rey 1/10 were used for this RC Trucks In The Snow video.

The Losi Tenacity MT is running Integy snowmobile tracks, Losi Baja Rey is the other truck and it is running Pro-line Sand Paws. Both trucks handle well in the snow.

If you’re looking for an RC vehicle for winter running, you can’t go wrong with eighter of these trucks. These are two of the most durable 1/10 scale RC trucks available.

You can pick up the Losi Tenacity here,

Check out the Losi Baja Rey Here.

2 thoughts on “RC Trucks In The Snow
  1. Josh says:

    That looks fun. It looks like the baja prey with paddle tires is a little bit better going through the snow. Nice video.

    1. Tim says:

      Hi Josh,
      These trucks are a blast in the snow! The Losi Baja Rey is the better of the two trucks, that it correct. The Baja Rey is a tank and will go through just about anything. The key is to keep on the throttle. As long as you get it moving, don’t let up and it will go through some really deep snow with out a problem. As soon as you let up the truck will sink and stop going.

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