Traxxas Slash with leds

Traxxas RC Cars

Traxxas has been in the RC industry and building and designing complete ready to race RC cars since 1986 and have over 25 amazing models available. “If” you’re looking for fairly inexpensive RCs, Then you should take a look at Traxxas RC Cars. Traxxas is one of the top-selling brands in radio control. These RC cars are the best for beginners and anybody who wants … Continue reading Traxxas RC Cars

New Venom Pro Quad Battery Charger

Venom Battery Charger – The Go To Charger

Every RC hobbyist or anyone that owns an RC vehicle needs to have a great battery charger, Like a Venom Battery Charger. Your batteries are only going to work as well as your charger can maintain and charge them. “If” you use a cheap charger that just does ok at charging your batteries, Than your batteries, won’t operate at their full capacity. Venom Battery Charger … Continue reading Venom Battery Charger – The Go To Charger