Have you ever stripped out a pinion gear set screw? This happens more often than most folks think. Stripping out a pinion set screw is a real pain. Once the set screw strips out, you have to figure out how to get the pinion off the motor if you want to change out gears. So why chance it. Stop using the stock factory set screw! Robinson Racing has a great solution for this common problem. They now offer a 3x3mm Torx T-6 type set screw. This set screw option requires a T-6 style driver to tighten them down. But these optional screws allow you to torque the screw down nice and tight and the chances of stripping out the screw are much less. Tired of stripping out set screws? Then you should look into getting the Robinson Racing Torx T6 Set Screws.

Robinson Racing Torx T6 Set Screw Set

T6 Torx Driver Tool

Don’t get held up with a stripped out pinion set screw again. Using the Robinson Racing Set Screw provides a more enjoyable experience and quicker pinion gear changes with a lot less chance of stripping out.

2 thoughts on “Torx Set Screw
  1. Chris says:

    Great info I wish I would have read this post a long time ago. The Robinson Racing set screw would have been installed in all my vehicles. I have drilled out countless set screws and ruined a few pinion gears due to stripped screws.

    1. Tim says:

      You are not alone in that situation. Many folks have struggled with stripped pinion screws. I would definitely recommend changing them to Robinson Racing set screws.

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