The weather was fairly decent today so, we decided to break out the Traxxas 4 Tech 2.0 for a little run time. Normally, it stays on the shelf till springtime and all the road salt is gone. I just got tired of it sitting there, so I charged up the batteries and set out for a quick run.

We took the GT and Cadillac over to the empty parking lot, so we could do some lite racing and drifting. It was great to get these cars out. We had some fun, even though the salt seemed a bit much, the cars would just spin out of control at times when hitting the road salt. Definitely made it more of a challenge to run and keep them under control.

4 Tech 2.0

I don’t even know how many times our Traxxas 4 Tech 2.0 ended up skidding off and into the snow banks. They are fast and fun little cars though. We swapped the motor and esc on my son’s 4 tech with the Kinexsis 4000kv system with stock Traxxas 4 tech gearing and this was the first chance we had to run it. It ran really well and kept up with my brushless 4 tech running optional speed gearing in it. Really, an impressive power system for the price. I recorded a short video running the Traxxas 4 Tech 2.0 you can watch it below. Hope you enjoy the video!

2 thoughts on “Traxxas 4 Tech 2.0
  1. Josh says:

    Are both these cars the Traxxas 4 Tech 2.0? They look fast and fun to drive.

    1. Tim says:

      Hey Josh,
      Yes both these cars are Traxxas 4 Tech 2.0. The 4 Tech 2.0 is a really fun car to drive and pretty fast. I have not clocked them to see how fast yet, but they are fast.

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