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Traxxas Land Rover

Crawling with the Traxxas Land Rover Defender provides some relaxing RC time. When I want to take a break from bashing, Crawling is a great way to change the pace.

Here is a video of the Traxxas Land Rover crawling in the yard and puddle!


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2 thoughts on “Traxxas Land Rover”

  1. Jake says:

    I have seen a few different videos of the Traxxas Land Rover and I think it is a pretty cool RC Crawler. I currently have a Losi Baja Rey that I bash. I have been thinking of buying a Crawler for my next RC. Just haven’t decided on what one I get.

    1. Tim says:

      Hello Jake, A Crawler is a great choice. They provide an exciting, yet relaxing time. RC Crawlers are a great way to slow down and Enjoy a more relaxed pace RC time. There are many different great RC Rock Crawlers you could choose from. I would first decide what brand you are more interested in and then go for there.
      Thank you,

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