RC Motors

Boost your RC vehicles performance with strong and powerful RC Motors. Whether you looking for a brushed or a brushless system you can find them here. These are some of the best RC car motors for you Vehicles. There are many options for you RC Motors, Depending on you needs. You can find Direct motor replacements and upgraded motor ESC systems.

Brushed RC Car Motors

Brushed motors are great for kids or anyone starting out in the hobby, “As” long as you are not planning on running hard these motors are fine. However, if you are going to be running you RC hard and doing a lot of bashing, Then you will want to go with a Brushless motor set-up. The brushed motors can’t handle a lot of hard running as they will over heat.

“I” have had a couple of the brushed motors that melted the wires right off the motor due to over heating.

Brushless RC Car Motors

Brushless motors are great for some real bashing and racing. Anyone who is more experienced in the RC hobby or that wants to bash and run hard should be looking for brushless. The Brushless motor set-up can handle the heat that comes with bashing and running high speed as well.

You can find motors for every type of RC. For on-Road racing a higher kv rating will work best , For Off-road bashing and crawlers a lower kv rating is more of what you need. The lower kv has lower top speed but higher torque, Which is great for bashers and crawlers. Those types of vehicles need more torque to power that or over obstacles.

The best place to buy as well as the cheapest place to buy RC Motors:EBay.com

Check out my list of Motors below to find the one thats right for you.

 Top Rated And Recommended – RC Motors Available

==>Castle Creations Monster X 1/8 Brushless ESC combo<==

This Castle combo package includes the sensored 1515 2200KV motor and is recommended for 1/8 scale trucks and buggies, on road vehicles and monster trucks weighing up to 15 pounds and running up to 6S LiPo batteries. When running a sensored motor It can provide a smoother more linear throttle feel and eliminate power surges when coming out of the corners.

==>Kinexsis 1/10 4-pole 4000kv ESC/Motor combo<==

The Kinexsis 4000Kv Motor is a 4-Pole design for increased torque and improved efficiency. Features a Standard 1/8 in shaft and 3.5mm bullet style connectors. Sensorless brushless technology for improved performance and
maintenance free operation. Includes a 70A Electronic Speed Control that can Handle 4-9 cell NiMH or 2-3S LiPo/Li-Fe power. Comes Pre-wired with high-current EC3 battery connector. This Brushless system is Waterproof in normal operation. Built-in cooling fan and Easily programmable through integrated setup button for easy operation. This is designed to fit most 1/10 scale on and off-road electric Vehicles.

==>Traxxas Titan 12turn modified brushed motor<==

The Titan 12T 550 modified motor is designed to be incredibly powerful with virtually maintenance-free operation and long-lasting performance. The Titan’s 12 turns of pure copper wire provide big torque and increased power-handling capabilities to give your R/C vehicle some real power.

==>Axial 27T brushed electric motor AX24004<==

The Axial 27T 540 Brushed Motor is designed for 1:10 scale RC Rock Crawler. The 27T fits the Axial SCX10 90046, Tamiya CC01 RC4WD D90 and Traxxas TRX-4 RC Car. The 27 turns of copper wire provides the perfect balance of speed and power to make your crawler a real preformer.

Best Selling – RC Motors

==>Castle Creation Sidewinder Brushless System<==


The castle 1406-4600kv motor is a great motor for 2WD short course trucks on 2s LiPo and geared conservatively. It makes a great combo for 1/10th 2WD Stadium trucks and buggies on 2s for general bashing and limited runs on 3s the temperatures will climb quickly running on 3s.

==>CoolRC S3674 2250kv sensor less Brushless Motor<==


This CoolRC 3674 features a 4 poles 12 slot Hi-torque motor design.

CNC machined 6061 T6 billet aluminum heat sink can motor.

The motor features high purity copper windings that maximizes efficiency.

This motor is designed for 1/8 scale RC Car and Trucks. Battery 2-3 cell Lipo / 4-9 Cell NiMh

==>RCRunning F540 4370kv 4-pole Brushless System<==

This F540 features a 4370kv 4 pole 12 slot high-torque motor design

High purity copper windings that maximizes efficiency

Precision balanced rotor, smoothness for best reliability and maximum RPM. Multiple protection features: Low voltage cut-off protection, over-heat protection, throttle signal loss protection. This system is Suitable for 1/10 scale RC car and Trucks.

It is a great product for a brushless upgrade you stock motor. It is very easy to install and plug in play set up. The combo comes with a programmable esc.

==>Dynamite Fuze 3800kv Brushless Motor/ESC<==

The Dynamite brushless system covers most 1/10th scale sport needs. With the 1/10th scale Sensorless system, you now have the opportunity to maximize the performance of you vehicle without breaking the bank. The included ESC works

with sensored and sensor less brushless motors as well as brushed motors. Each sensor less Fuze system includes the motor, ESC and programming card making it convenient and easy to upgrade to brushless power.

==>Axial 20 turns Brushed Motor AX24003<==

download (1)

This is a replacement Axial 20 Turn Brushed Electric Motor, and is intended for use with the Axial Wraith. This Motor is suitable for 1/10 scale rock crawlers.

==>Dynamite 15 turns Brushed Motor<==

Dynamite 15 turn brushed motor

The Dynamite 15T Brushed Motor is a great replacement motor for any 15 turn application. The Dynamite features a closed end bell design, that requires low maintenance and factory installed wires make it easy to operate and easy to install option.

Brushless System – My Thoughts And Experience

Personally I have owned several Brushless motor systems, Each one has it owns qualities. Once you go to a Brushless, you won’t want to go back to brushed. When my Brushless car breaks, I have a brushed car for a back up till I can fix the Brushless one. However, I end up not using the brushed car and just wait until I get the Brushless fixed. The two are just not the same. “I” don’t like running my brushed car anymore.

What are you Experiences with RC Motors? “I” would like to hear you thoughts on this subject. Leave me a comment below.

3 thoughts on “RC Motors

  1. These rc motors look awesome. I need to replace my rustler brushed motor. What do you recommend for brushless? I am looking to go fast but I do not race. Can I find one that will go fast but still bash around the yard?


    1. Hi John,
      First off, yes you can upgrade to a fast brushless that will still let you bash. You will need to upgrade the motor and ESC, as well as the receiver and transmitter. Now if you are going to run mainly 2s lipo the castle 1406 is a good choice. If you want the ability to run 3s lipo then you can go with the traxxas vxl venileon system or even the castle mamba 1515. The traxxas vxl is really a great system and they have a power up program. That means you give them your old brushed system and you get a discount on the new brushless system.
      Thank you


  2. These look like some really great rc car motors. I am looking to replace my brushed motor from my traxxas rustler, what would you recommend? I want brushless to go fast but I do not race.


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