Radio Controlled Tarantula Spider

Radio Controlled Spider

Halloween is right around the corner and RC fun is not limited to just cars and trucks! Let’s give our friends a scare with the Tarantula Radio Controlled Spider this Halloween. “It” makes a great Halloween prank and you can be the scariest one at the party! All your friends will be talking about this for a long time to come.

Tarantula Background

Radio Controlled Spider Realistic Tarantula
Tarantulas are a type (breed) of spider that is commonly found throughout the areas of America, Africa, and Europe. Most species of the Tarantula are not dangerous to humans and are even popular in the exotic pet trade. Some Tarantulas will mainly eat insects and other spiders, however larger highly toxic breeds can kill prey as large as lizards, mice, birds, and snakes. However, Some species hunt prey in trees while others hunt on or around the ground. Tarantula’s vary in size; some as small as a fingernail, while others are larger than a dinner Plate!

Radio Controlled Spider

Startle your family and friends or even yourself with this creepy crawling radio control Tarantula. With the remote control, you are in control of all the realistic movements of this furry and disgusting spider.

With this creepy hairy Tarantula spider, it will be easier than ever to frighten your family and friends when your getting ready for or are at the Halloween party.

The controller is easy to use with the directional buttons or use the auto demonstration function and watch it move along the floor. “It’s” eight legs move individually making it so realistic and amusing to watch.

The package contains 1 remote control Tarantula, 1 remote controller.

Spider Specs:Radio Controlled Spider

Length: 13.2 inches

Width: 10.6 inches

Height: 3.6 inches

Weight: 1.43 pounds

Recommended age: 5 years and up

Note: Small parts warning! Not recommended for children under 5 years old!

Scary Hairy Spider

Freak out and Scare the life out of your fellow arachnophobia family and friends with this Radio Controlled Spider Tarantula! This is the perfect Halloween Prank to use on any of your friends. Sneak it in the bed of your annoying brother before he goes to bed! Maybe get up before anyone else in the morning and put it in the breakfast cupboard. The possibility of fright night is endless!

Halloween Fun

The world of RCs just got more exciting. This spider is a cheap toy that provides some big fun for anyone that is a kid at heart. What better time to scare the heck out of friends than Halloween, However, This spider is great fun for any time of year.





2 thoughts on “Radio Controlled Spider

  1. A radio controlled spider would be cool to have. I would scare the family with it. Although the wife may not like it, Lol. Thanks for the article.


    1. Hi Bob,
      The radio-controlled spider would make for a great Halloween prank. You can scare your friends and family. My wife would not be too happy if I scared her with this spider either.


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