RC Monster Truck

Axial 4wd Grave Digger RC Monster Truck What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of RC Monster Truck? Many have the same first thought. Is the first thing to come to mind Grave Digger? BigFoot? These are the two most common monster trucks that people think of first when they think of monster trucks. Although those two are very popular, Monster trucks don’t stop with them.

Amazing Trucks – True Monsters

There’s something special about RC Monster Trucks, and it’s not so easy to explain. Perhaps it’s because these custom vehicles can do things and go to places that other models can’t. Maybe it’s a huge size, the brute power, the incredible designs, the upgrades, and accessories. Or maybe it’s a bit of everything and no one thing in particular.Traxxas BigFoot RC Monster Truck

What you can expect from the RC Monster Truck:

  • Intense speed
  • Brute power
  • Extreme performance
  • Endless capability
  • High powered brushless system
  • Low maintenance
  • Insane Excitement

A Benefit To Running Monster Trucks – Really?Traxxas Skully RC Monster Truck

The benefits of running monster trucks vs others like, short course trucks or desert trucks are huge. Well, “If” your a basher and love to bash hard. Just running around the yard or up and down the street here and there will not be a noticeable benefit. Real bashing is where the benefit comes in. These trucks are designed tough and to be run hard. So they can handle the abuse of hardcore off-road bashing, Whereas others cannot keep up.

What Can You Do With A Monster Truck?

The answer is simple! Just about anything. The RC monster truck was designed to bash hard and play well off-road. This means, “If” you like jumping your RC’s, You will love jumping the monster truck. They jump better, higher, and farther with less chance of breakage.

Maybe you like RC’s that do wheelies. The monster truck can wheelie without breaking a sweat. Not only can these trucks wheelie on taking off, but They can also ride a wheelie. Depending on the truck and the power system, This can be pretty fun and impressive.Losi Tenacity RC Monster Truck
Do you like the ability to run up and over obstacles? With the power and huge monster tires of these trucks you can. The huge tires give the trucks a higher center clearance to help avoid getting snagged on obstacles. The power systems provide the power needed to get up and over obstacles in its path.

Like speed? These trucks actually have some impressive speed. The brushless power systems used provide 50+ mph in the big size and heavy weight of the monster trucks. That is impressive when you consider that some of these trucks are weighing 15+ pounds.

Where Can You Run Monster Trucks?

“If” you are thinking, “I” want to go fast! Then you want to make sure you have plenty of space when running these trucks. Otherwise, if you are looking to just run around having fun, maybe a jump or two, or climbing some stuff, Then you can really run them the same places you would run your other RC’s. Your backyard, the public park, The beach, etc.

My Thoughts – Monster TrucksLosi LST 3XL E Monster Truck

RC monster trucks can give you some really exciting times. “I” love running all my RC’s and have had some really fun times with them. However, The time I have spent running my monster trucks has brought me so much more excitement and thrills. These trucks run on 6s power and out of the box they will run 50+mph. “I” jump and launch the trucks in the air 6-8 feet high and a distance of 10-13 feet and they just keep going.

My short course trucks and off-road desert trucks with lots of upgrades, Can not handle this jump without breaking. They are fast and handle great. They just are not as durable as an RC monster truck.

“If” your interested in these trucks check out my off-road RC cars.

After reading this article, How do you feel about RC monster trucks? What are your thoughts? What opinions would you like to share? Let me know in the comments below, “I’d” like to hear them and will reply within 24hrs.

8 thoughts on “RC Monster Truck

  1. Wow! I used to be a great fans of monster truck when I was young. Your article brings me lots of good memories. Ha! Bigfoot is still my favorite. Brian


  2. I was wondering which RC Monster Truck would you recommend for someone who has never owned one? I am looking for something that isn’t too powerful but rugged enough for sand at the beach. Thank you.


    1. Hello Colleen,
      All of them would do well at the beach. For never owning one and not wanting to powerful of a truck, I’d say the Traxxas Skully monster truck would be a great fit.


  3. I remember when remote control cars would move at a snail’s pace compared to how fast they go now. These monster truck RC’s sound amazing! Every paragraph in your article is making me want to go out and grab one and go off road! haha. Great write up. This is going to be great for my nephew!


    1. Hi Eric,
      The RC’S have come a long way in technology since I was young. Off road is great fun. It is amazing what these monster trucks can do.


  4. I just had a flashback to when I was a kid. I loved playing with RC cars, they were one of my favorite toys and I have many special memories with them.


    1. Hi Andrew,
      Glad to hear I could help bring back some special memories for you. Just remember you never have to out grow RC’S! With the technology used today, Everyone could find an RC that suits them.


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