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The RC Car Work Stand has been around for a long time. They have all been the same, for the most part. The all-new RPM Pit-Pro Extreme Car Stand is a completely new and unique stand that gives you versatility where none existed before. I have been using RC car stands for a while and if I could have had this one year ago it would have helped make my work a lot easier. With the Pit-Pro Extreme from RPM, you get a much more versatile and durable stand for about the same or even a little cheaper price than the older more basic ones.

The Best Place To Buy: Amazon.com

Price: $20.09

RPM Pit-Pro ExtremePit-Pro Extreme

The Pit-Pro Extreme has numerous adjustability options to fit virtually any 1:12, 1:10 and 1:8 scale chassis and more. The totally adjustable support arms can spread out to roughly 6.125” all the way into 2.125”. There are also a total of 28 different mounting points for the support posts, giving you added versatility to make sure your ride sits exactly how you want it to sit while it is on the stand.

The adjustable support arms sit on top of a swivel platform that allows your vehicle to rotate a full 360° and tilts by as much as 45°. The Tilt angle is easily locked down with the included wing nut. This gives you access to more of your vehicle for repairs or upgrades with ease.

This stand also features an ultra-stable base, with four load-spreading legs that can be moved to any position required. With all four legs at their most stable position, they sit over 11.875” wide, That makes it wider than nearly any other pit stand on the market. This stand is approximately 5” tall, At full height.

Folds For Compact Storage

All of this sounds like a huge car stand, and it is! However, the top easily slips off without any tools and the legs fold in for easy and compact storage. In its storage position, it is smaller than most other car stands currently available and can fit in a space as small as 7-1/4” x 5-1/2” x 2-3/4”. Now that’s small!

The RPM Pit-Pro Extreme is sold with all the necessary hardware and comes complete with 12 soft, self-adhesive, slip-free pads for the legs and the adjustable arms to prevent your vehicle and Pit-Pro Extreme from moving from exactly where you put it.Pit-Pro Extreme Storage

Chemical Resistant Design

The Pit-Pro Extreme is molded from an extremely chemical resistant material so your motor sprays, cleaners, degreasers, etc. won’t harm the stand. The RC car work stand is Designed and manufactured in the USA!

Fits most flat or semi-flat chassis plates with or without center battery channels. May not work with a ladder or TVP style chassis.

The Angle of tilt will vary by the weight and width of the vehicle and its features installed. The Tilt angle is higher with vehicle tires removed. The Angle of tilt is also limited by vehicle weight. We recommend offsetting the support arms towards the high side for higher tilt angles.

The Pit-Pro Extreme is resistant to most chemicals, but the small, non-slip pads have limited chemical resistance. Please use caution to prevent cleaners from attacking the pads.

Stand Features:

rotates a full 360° and tilts by as much as 45°
approximately 5″ (125mm) tall at full height
ultra wide, stable base sits over 11.875″ (302mm) wide
easily folds and disassembles to a compact 7-1/4” (184mm) x 5-1/2” (140mm) x 2-3/4” (70mm) for easy storage                28 different mounting points on infinitely adjustable support arms                                                                          Resistant to most chemicals

2 thoughts on “RC Car Work Stand

  1. This RC car work stand looks like it would make working on my rc much easier. Currently i just put my rc on the bench and flip it over and stand it up, however i need to to get to whatever part i am fixing. I will bookmark this for later so i can buy this stand when i am ready. thank you for this great information.


    1. Hi Jason,
      This RC car work stand is really amazing! The stand can adjust many different positions, so working on your RC vehicles is a breeze.
      Thank you,


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