Losi Super Baja Rey RTR

Losi Super Baja Rey

So, Today the Losi Super Baja Rey finally came in. Well, actually I received two Super Baja Rey’s. Very excited about these trucks. They are 1/6 scale brushless 6s off-road 4×4 trucks, that are capable of running 8s power.

The Losi Super Baja Rey weights in at 20lbs featuring an aluminum chassis, aluminum threaded shock bodies, and aluminum rear track bar links. Losi Super Baja Rey 1/6 scale 6s 4×4 came in today! what a happy day. Opened them up and all is good, except I am still waiting for my batteries to come in. A true big brother to the 1/0 scale Baja Rey.

Unfortunately, I am still waiting on my batteries for these big monster trucks to come in. So, I will update this post once my batteries come in and I can shoot a video of these bad boys in action. You can check out my short video below I shot while opening and taking them out of the boxes.

Losi Super Baja Rey finally came in.

Update on the Losi Super Baja Rey.

Well, my batteries have come in for these two trucks. I can now finally take these out for a run. After my batteries were all charged up, i set out for a short run. I have been excited to try these big trucks out but it is cold outside today so, i am not looking to do a whole lot with them toady. However i do have to take them out.

We ripped the super Baja Rey’s through the snow in the front yard for a few minutes, Then we took them to the field just a few doors down. Drove them on the pavement and found some ice to play on a little.

Here is a short video of the Super Baja Rey in the snow.

2 thoughts on “Losi Super Baja Rey

  1. Nice trucks! The Super Baja Rey looks like a huge monster and look like they are a whole lot of fun. I have always stuck with 1/10 rc vehicles but the Losi Super Baja Rey I would love to have.


    1. The Losi Super Baja Rey is a big beast of a truck. It is big and powerful, which makes it a blast to drive. Jumping this truck is a new level of excitement.
      Thank you,


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