RC Chassis Protector

RC Chassis Protector

If you run your RC’s off-road, save yourself valuable time by getting an RC Chassis Protector. You’ll spend less time cleaning your RC and more time doing what you love, Driving your vehicle! Keep the dirt and debris off the chassis and away from the electronics.

I have spent a lot of time cleaning my RCs to get the dirt, mud and snow off of the chassis after each run. My RC vehicles spend the a lot of time in the mud and snow, they get completely cleaned off after each run. This usually takes me about an hour to get them fully clean. The chassis can be the biggest chore to clean due to the electronics and crevices.

Hot Racing Chassis Protector

After I came across the Hot Racing RC Chassis Protector while browsing online, I figured I had nothing to lose and I purchased one. As soon as it came in, I installed it on my traxxas slash. The first run was through the dirt. Not bad, when I opened up the chassis protector cover, the chassis was a bit dusty but was better than running without it.

Once I had it all cleaned up again, to the mud we went. When I removed the body, it looked like a real mess. The mud was covering the protector to the point you couldn’t even tell there was one on. I sprayed the truck all off so it was nice and clean. Then opened the chassis protector, not sure as to what I would see. To my surprise, the chassis was a little wet but no mud or dirt.

My traxxas slash has had this installed for a year now, and I could not be any happier. This has cut my cleaning time down by about half. It now takes me about 30 minutes to completely clean.

RC Chassis Cover

The RC Chassis Protector that I use is, the Hot Racing Chassis Dirt Guard Cover for use with a Traxxas Slash 4×4 equipped with the Traxxas LCG Chassis. This cover is for the Low-Center Gravity chassis and will not fit the other Slash model chassis.

The chassis cover is a breathable Nylon mesh to repel water and protect the chassis from dirt and debris. The cover attaches to the chassis with easy to apply hook and loop tape (Velcro strips) and has zipper chassis access.

For non-LCG chassis versions, check out Hot Racing SLF16C06

For LCG chassis, check out Hot Racing LCF16C06

To learn more on the Traxxas Slash, Check it out here


  • Water repellent Nylon mesh
  • Protects chassis from dirt and debris, yet is breathable and superior to Lexan covers that trap heat
  • Zipper flap for easy access to chassis and electronics
  • Adhesive-backed hook and loop tape attachment for easy, secure, and sealed installation
  • Rear elastic that hugs chassis for a sealed fit, yet is flexible to accommodate various electrical and battery configurations


  • Apply adhesive-backed hook and loop tape and install
  • Depending on Nerf bar or electronic configuration, some adjustment/modification may be required.


Approximate length: 12 inch (306mm)

Approximate width: 5.2 inch (132mm)

Approximate height: 2.3 inch (58mm)

2 thoughts on “RC Chassis Protector

  1. I have this rc chassis protector on my Low-Center Gravity Slash and it is amazing! The best part about using this is, it helps keep the debris out and away from the electronics. Well that and easier to keep clean. I will be ordering one for my traxxas roster before summer.


    1. These rc chassis protector does a great job at keeping debris off the chassis. My son and I both have this installed on both our cars.

      Thank you,


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