Redcat Rampage XB

The Redcat Rampage XB is 2-stroke gasoline 4wd 1/5 scale off-road buggy. This gas powered, 4WD buggy has the size, power, and handling for extreme fun. A tuned exhaust pipe and high flow intake allow the powerful 30cc 2-stroke gasoline engine to breathe efficiently for maximum horsepower.

The Redcat Racing Rampage XB is equipped with metal gears and heavy-duty 4mm T6 aluminum chassis for long-lasting durability. Redcat installed Dual disc brakes and aggressive off-road knobby tires on the Rampage XB which provide high-performance off-road action.

This Redcat Rampage XB Review gives you vehicle specs and features, as well as firsthand experience driving this vehicle.

Redcat Rampage XB Buggy

30cc Gas Engine

The engine is a Fuelie which is a knock-off Zenoah. For the price, and with a tuned pipe, it makes decent power. Break-in was easy. I have my own way to break in these engines. If you need help with the break-in, you can find break-in videos all over the internet.

Tuning a Walbro carb is really easy to do. It is important to note, With the tuned pipe the low idle currently sits at 1 turn out and the high screw at 1 1/3. The Redcat Rampage XB is very easy to start and runs great.

Tuned Exhaust

Redcat Rampage XB Tuned Exhaust

There have been complaints that After five full tanks, the stock exhaust breaks at the manifold. I have 7 1/2 tanks run through this and so far so good. There are good aftermarket tuned pipes out there. Changing it right away might be the best choice if you like your car to get air. There are a few options out there if you don’t plan on jumping you may be OK running the stock pipe for a while. It is a little loud when running it with my other gas buggy I can only hear this one. I do love the sound of it though.


Rampage XB Electronics

The stock electronics battery pack is too small for this car. It’s an 1100 NiMh hump pack that drains in about 3.0 tanks. It is OK but, if you are like me and run a lot then a bigger battery is a wise choice. The steering servo is garbage. Even with the servo saver set for max saving, it hasn’t died completely yet.

After about an hour or two of run time, it stops and I can’t steer the car. I have to switch off the receiver and transmitter, and then turn them back on, after that it is all good for a while. I am going to replace it with a high voltage, all-metal gear servo very soon. Again, there are numerous brands to choose from. Personally, I would use a good high-end servo here. Don’t skimp, it will just cause headaches down the road.


They held up nicely, They aren’t the best, but they aren’t the worst I’ve had either. If you plan to use this car on the road, I recommend that you buy a different set of tires. I don’t drive on streets or hard asphalt surface and my tires are still in decent shape after many hours of run-time. However, the rubber is a softer compound and that will wear out fairly quick on pavement type surfaces.


Rampage XB Shocks

The stock shocks are Aluminum bodied oil filled shocks. There was quite a bit of play in the shock shafts right out of the box new. I ran 3 tanks one of the shocks broke in half. I replaced both the rear shocks with a set of Losi super Baja Rey rear shocks and filled them with 80w shock oil.

Do yourself a favor and replace all 4 shocks so you don’t get stuck waiting to run because of a broken shock. There are other options for shocks, the only reason I used super Baja Rey shocks is because I had them and did not want to order them and wait for them to come in.

Rampage XB Features:

  • 30cc Gas Engine
  • 4wd Drivetrain
  • Aluminum Chassis
  • Aluminum Shocks
  • Tuned Pipe
  • 2.4GHz Radio System
  • Fiberglass brake disc
  • Roll cage
  • Includes receiver battery & charger


Motor Type: Gas 30cc HY 2 Stroke

Transmission: Single Speed

Drive System: 4 Wheel Drive

Length: 760mm

Width: 460mm

Height: 280mm

Dry Weight: 9KG (19.8 LBS)

Wheelbase: 500mm

Ground Clearance: 40mm

Fuel Tank Capacity: 500cc

Chassis Type: 4mm Aluminum 6061 T6

Brake Type: Dual Disc

Shocks: Aluminum Body Oil Filled Shocks

Radio System: 2.4GHz Radio System

Needed to Complete:

    • (8) AA Batteries for transmitter
    • Pump Gas-90+ octane
    • 2-Stroke Oil

Final Thoughts

If you like gas powered RC vehicles, check out my Losi Desert Buggy page.

overall I’m satisfied with the Redcat Racing Rampage XB buggy from what I have seen so far. The Rampage XB drives very well and the speed is great. I really like the way it handles, this buggy can rip around corners like nothing and shoot out of the turn without missing a beat. We have had a few minor issues with it, but were able to get it fixed and right back out to running in no time. The Redcat Rampage XB is really easy to work on, I am really enjoying this 1/5 scale gas buggy and would definitely recommend it to anyone and I would also buy one again.

2 thoughts on “Redcat Rampage XB

  1. I love 2-Stroke engines! The Redcat Rampage XB looks like a fun buggy and i like sound of it. Is it really loud? In the video it seems to be louder at times than it is other times.


    1. Hi Mark,
      Yes the Redcat Rampage XB is a fun RC buggy. The Buggy is loud, it seems louder at times due to the exhaust is straight out the back just under the wing. So as it drives away from you it is real loud. Coming back towards you it not that loud, the exhaust is pointing away. All in all it is a great, fun off road buggy.


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