Traxxas Rustler Conversion Slash

Today I want to share with you my guide to transforming your Rustler into the ultimate durable machine, that will allow you to do more and bash harder without the cost of constantly replacing front end parts. I am going to teach you how to accomplish the Traxxas Rustler Conversion Slash build.

The Rustler – the Starting point

Now you have the Traxxas Rustler and I’m sure you had a fair amount of time running and bashing with it. When bashing with the rustler it can break quite often if you’re not careful on how you are running. “It” does not matter what model rustler you own. “It” can be the XL-5 or the VXL this conversion works with both as they are the same chassis setup.

This conversion will transform your rustler into an lcg slash, which will create the ultimate RC vehicle. The first thing we need is obviously our rustler. then need to go ahead and get our parts.

Traxxas Rustler Conversion Slash – Parts

OK so here is the list of parts you are going to need to complete this conversion.

Traxxas lcg 2wd chassis conversion kit – TRA5830

Traxxas Slash waterproof Receiver box – TRA5624

MIP heavy-duty rear axle kit – MIP10130

Traxxas slash front bumper w/mount – TRA5835

Traxxas slash rear bumper w/mount- TRA5836

Traxxas Slash wheels and tires – many options available

Traxxas Slash 2wd Body mount kit – TRA1914R

Traxxas Slash Body – or any 1/10 scale short course body

This is a list of all the necessary parts needed to build your lcg, Slash. This is just a list of the parts I used for mine, there are aftermarket options for these parts if you want to customize yours a little more.

“In” that case you may want to check out RPM Products. They are the best aftermarket RC parts out there for durability.

The Build – Beginning

Find a good large area to work in, as you will have a lot of parts spread out. The first thing you want to do is to remove the body and then take all 4 wheels off(nut in the center of wheel rim).

Next, remove the front body mount (two screws holding to the shock tower) and then remove the upper chassis cover(4 screws 2 in front and 2 in rear) and disconnect the toe links at the knuckle (wheel end).

You have to remove the receiver box cover to access the plug connector for the steering servo, so you can unplug it. Remove the steering servo and bell crank from the upper chassis plate by the 4 screws on servo and 2 screws on bell crank, and slide bell crank up and off the chassis plate (careful not to lose the washers and spacers), now set the servo and bell crank assy aside we will be putting that on the new chassis!

Next, you are going to remove the front bulkhead (3 screws underneath). I removed it with the shock tower and control arms all still attached.

Take the new chassis and position the bulkhead on the bottom side of the new chassis and attach with 2 screws. Then take the black (bottom cover) plate for new chassis and put the steering servo and bell crank on using the same screws that held it on the rustler chassis.

We Now attach the black cover plate and steering servo to the bottom of new chassis and front bulkhead. You can now reattach the toe links to the wheel ends.

The conversion – Part 2

Here you need to unplug the motor from the ESC. Pull the wires through the rear shock tower. Remove the 2 screws holding the top of shocks to the shock tower.

Then remove the 4 screws holding the shock tower to the rear bulkhead and set shock tower aside.

Remove the 6 screws from the bottom of the chassis holding the rear bulkhead. Gently pry up and the rear bulkhead will come off with the transmission and control arms still attached.

Take and put it on the new chassis as you just removed it. Reinstall the rear shock tower and reattach the upper shocks.

Next put on the new slash body mounts front and rear.

Take the new receiver box and mount it to the new chassis. Then remove the ESC plug from receiver then remove the receiver from the old chassis receiver box and put it in the new receiver box on the new chassis.

Now you can route the wire for the steering servo to the receiver, carefully through the slits in the center of chassis under the battery compartment. Make sure that you plug the steering servo into the # 1ch slot on the receiver.

Next, take the ESC off the rustler chassis (2 screws on the receiver), then take a thin piece of double-sided tape and put on the bottom of the receiver and mount it to the new chassis and secure it with the two screws that held it to the old chassis.

Route the wire for the ESC the same way you ran the steering servo, through the slits under the battery compartment and plug into # 2ch on the receiver.

Run the antenna wire through the side post of receiver box. Now you can Install the receiver box cover, put a little silicone lube on the seal and make sure the seal is in place.

Route the motor wires back through the rear shock tower and plug back into the receiver(the colors need to match up).

Take the black sidebars and attach them to the side of the new chassis.

Install the new Slash wheels and tires and tighten them up. Make sure you don’t over tighten them or it will cause issues as the wheels will not spin freely.

The Conversion – Almost There

Let’s now take the new bumpers and mounts, and Let’s put them on. The front bumper mount is going to sit on top of the chassis and attach with 2 or 3 screws, there are three holes in the mount the two outer ones are the ones you definitely need to have secured. The one screw in the center will give you more strength but is optional.

Then attach the bumper to the mount(2 screws) and to the bottom of the bulkhead (4 screws).

Take the rear bumper mount and attach it to the rear of the transmission case ( 5-6 screws depending on what mount you got). Now attach the rear bumper to the rear mount(4 screws)

Take the body and set it on the car to make sure it sits properly and how you like it. The mounts come with different adapters so you can lift or lower the body to your liking.

Once you have the body mounts on so the body sits right, The last thing you need to do is make sure all the bolts and screws are secured. You don’t want any screws to be partially out and not fully screwed in. Now its time for some fun.

Finally, – Conversion Complete

That completes my guide to the Traxxas Rustler conversion slash project. “I” hope this has helped you and that you have learned something of value from this article. Thank you for reading my steps to converting your rustler into an lcg slash. Please leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts or any questions you have if I have missed a step I will be sure to add it and update.





14 thoughts on “Traxxas Rustler Conversion Slash

  1. Pingback: Nicole
    1. Hello Nichole,
      I am glad to hear your son enjoys RCs. The Traxxas Rustler is a great vehicle! I highly recommend the Rustler to anyone that is interested in it.

      This conversion is only one of the many things that can be done to this vehicle. There are many options and upgrades that you can do to this RC. It can really keep you entertained for years.

      If your son has only had cheap toy grade RC cars then this Traxxas Rustler is definitely a great choice.

      Thank you,



  2. Pingback: Mike
    1. Hi Mike,
      I really like the rustler best. I love the looks and the handling of the Rustler. As for bashing it does need some improvements. The slash is far more durable than the Rustler, so this conversion definitely makes it more durable.


    1. Hi, thank you for reading my article. I agree this is a good car. The conversion is just one of the many things you can do to it. I will be adding more articles to my site about building some real great machines so make sure you check back or sign up to follow my website.


  3. The site looks good .The
    Traxxas Rustler looks like a miniature big foot or grave digger .Way cool! .Could add some links to the pics to monetize


  4. That’s really cool ! I’ve always thought that RC would be a really fun hobby ! I learned a lot and showed your post to my son ! Great job !


  5. Wow, this looks like you changed almost everything in this car.
    It sounds like great stuff though.
    I love to push them to the limit and they really often brake down lol.
    I’ll see where I get the parts, thanks.


    1. Hi Stefan, I really didn’t change that much just what was listed in the post. But yes it does make it look like a totally different car. Thanks for reading and giving your thoughts! Have a great day!


      1. Hey Tim I like the mods you did here looks great my dad bought me a slash and I’m trying to find something to give it more power and also make my battery life better.


      2. Hi Shawn,
        It depends on what you are actually looking to get out of it. If you have the xl-5 I would do a brushless conversion. Saying you want more power, power as in torque for doing wheelies, for that you can put a smaller pinion gear on it. If you looking for speed, put a bigger pinion and smaller spur gear. For Battery life I would recommend running a 5000+mah lipo battery.
        It all depends on what model slash you have.


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