RC Car Ramps – Easy Way to Build

Do you like bashing and big jumps? Have you ever jumped on RC car Ramps? “I” want to share with you and talk about and show you how I made two identical RC Ramps for my backyard bash sessions. This is a quick and easy way to make jumping ramps for your RC car and works really well. A fairly inexpensive way to build your own jump to get big air and long distance.

Materials used – My RC Ramps

The materials you used to build your jump can be whatever you want to use. The materials I chose to use with these RC ramps, I chose because I want my ramps to last a long time.

“I” went to the local recycle Mart and picked up two standard size card tables. Then I went to Hardware store and got three (3) full sheets of pressure treated 1/2″ plywood. Also, picked up a total of 16 L-brackets from the local Hardware store. “I” already had screws and bolts on hand, however, if you don’t have them I used self-tapping drywall screws and tapered flat top screws and self-locking nuts. A drill and a screw gun. That’s all that is needed.

The plywood I cut all three sheets in half to give me 6 4ft x 4ft pieces. The plywood, you can use whatever type of wood you want to. “I” used pressure treated cause it will be outside in all weather conditions and I wanted it to last for a long time.

The Build – RC Car Ramps

This is how I built my Ramps. First I set the card table up in the place where I wanted the ramps (so I wouldn’t have to move them after build) and then I took a 4ft x 4ft piece of plywood and set it on top of the card table. Measured it to be exactly center on the table, then used drywall screws to secure it to the table.

RC Car Ramp

The Second step, I took the L-brackets and bent them to a 45-degree angle and secured them to two ends of the plywood (table-top) and countersunk the screw heads flat with the top of the wood. This way the cars and tires don’t catch the heads of screws. Use the lock nuts on the bottom side to hold brackets tight to the wood.

The third step is to take another piece of plywood and lay on the side of the table that you just installed the brackets on. Make sure it fits as tight to the top piece as you can and secure it with the same screws and lock nuts to countersunk in the wood just a touch.

RC Ramp

Now do the same on the other side and that is it, your ramp is all done. Your two ramps should be on the side directly across from each other, like a table-top style jump.

RC Jump Ramp

“I” built two of these for my RC’s. With these types of RC Ramps, you can do the same on the other two sides and have four ramps on the one table. That may even be something I will do to mine later on.RC Car Ramps


RC Car Ramps – Seriously Fun

Now that I got my ramps all built and ready to go, “It’s” time for some fun and tests them out. I will post a video below of the first test run on the new ramps. This way everyone can see how well they work or if they don’t work so well. “I” guess we all will find out together. Let’s give them a rip!

The Results – Jumping The Ramps

The video above was the first run on the ramps after building them. “As” you can see they work really well. You can just crawl up and over them or you can fly up them and launch off them with some pretty big air. No matter how you want to run, if you are into bashing having ramps like this will bring some real off-road RC Fun.

RC Cars – Used on Ramps

The RC cars I used on the Ramps so far were, Traxxas Slash 2wd Lcg and the Losi Baja Rey 4wd both brushless and running LiPo. The Traxxas slash does good jumping the ramps, although it would do better if it wasn’t a LCG chassis. The Losi, on the other hand, does awesome on the ramps and can launch really high and far. Even though I have not run very hard and fast with it. I am very happy with the outcome of these ramps. “I” will get out my rustler and another slash to see how they do on them as well, when I get the chance.

Final Thoughts – My RC Ramps

Well, I showed you what materials were used and how I put it all together to make these RC Car Ramps and how you can accomplish this easily.

“As” you can see these ramps are very easy to build and work great for backyard jumping. “If” you have limited yard space or don’t want to build an RC track, These are the next best thing. They are cheaper to make then building a track and don’t take up as much space. The best part is they provide lots of fun to your off-road bashing.

What are your thoughts on My Ramps? What Experience do you have with RC Jumps and Ramps? Leave me a comment below, I’d like to hear your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “RC Car Ramps – Easy Way to Build

  1. These rc ramps look nice. They seem easy and cheap to build, other then the wood used. Cant that be on the expensive side? i dont know how much the wood goes for thats why i ask. i dont have any real jumps or ramp i just jump the curbs and such. thanks for the info.


    1. Hello Mark, these ramps were very easy to build and they are real sturdy also. The wood I used is a little pricey but I wanted something to last. That is why I used pressure treated. It was maybe $100 to build both ramps for all the materials. Thank you


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