Traxxas TRX4 Bronco Review

The Traxxas TRX4 Bronco trail crawler is a 1/10 scale 4×4 trail, crawler truck. Traxxas honors the classic 1979 Ford Bronco with this beautifully detailed and faithful reproduction. The Traxxas TRX4 Bronco mounted on the amazingly capable TRX-4 chassis.  Built From the chrome wheels and bumpers to the gorgeous Sunset or red graphics, the TRX-4 recaptures the Bronco’s iconic era with the Rugged toughness and technology that could only come from Traxxas.

This Bronco has all the same great features as the other TRX-4 Models Traxxas has built plus some. The Extreme off-road capability of this bronco lies underneath the rugged exterior.

My rating: 4.6 out of 5 star

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Steering AngleTraxxas TRX-4 Steering link set

The 45-degree steering angle with the front differential unlocked steers around bends with ease, without the awkwardness of having to back up in tight spaces. TRX4 Bronco has some pretty impressive approach angles right out of the box. In the front it has a 63.82 approach angle, this makes the TRX 4 ready to climb walls or whatever is in its way. What’s equally impressive is the rear has a 43.22-degree approach angle that gives it extreme capability even in the deepest ruts.

High mounted Steering and drag links

Traxxas moved the steering link and drag link to be mounted higher above the axle instead of below the axle. Raising them keeps them out of the path of damage. This allows the TRX-4 to head straight towards obstacles, reducing the risk of hitting the links on rocks or any other objects.

High Ground ClearanceTraxxas TRX-4 Portal Axles

The high ground clearance is achieved by using the portal axles and the raised steering links and driveshafts. This gives the TRX4 Bronco a ground clearance of 3.14 inches. This extra clearance makes the bronco extremely capable. With superior capability comes more fun no matter where your truck goes.

Raised Center Driveshafts

The portal axle design of the TRX-4 Bronco raises the driveshafts higher to improve axle geometry and reduce the driveshaft angles. The higher driveshafts and suspension links can pass over obstacles without hitting and getting hung up.Traxxas TRX-4 Hardend Steel Driveshafts

Front Motor Design

The motor was designed to sit in the front of this TRX-4. The front-mounted orientation moves the weight bias forward in order to help you get up and over the top of obstacles. TRX4 Bronco has a large 550 size brushed 21 turn motor that provides smooth and reliable power and lots of torque. Climb the toughest obstacles and get extreme traction from the power and torque this titan motor delivers.

XL-5 HV ESCTRX-4 XL-5 HV ESC Traxxas

The XL-5 HV features a trail profile that uses a little bit of drag brake for smooth intuitive driving for your adventures. The HV stands for the capability of high voltage 3s battery packs for greater power and performance. A crawl profile introduces a hill hold and an instant reverse for extremely technical trails and courses.

Waterproof Steering Servo

A new All-metal gear digital steering servo provides you the steering authority and durability you need to confidently power through the tough terrain.

TQI 4-Channel Radio SystemTraxxas TRX-4 Transmitter

The Traxxas TQI radio system features an exclusive cruise control for your long distance trails and courses. Set your speed with the transmitter, then use the multi-function knob to fine tune your speed faster or slower to match your pace. The grip mounted rocker switch lets you select high or low range gears for the type of terrain your driving on. The transmitter has another separate toggle switch that locks or unlocks the differentials. You can do all this while on the fly for a truly unique experience.

Waterproof Micro ServosTraxxas TRX 4 waterproof micro servo

TRX4 Bronco uses three fully waterproof micro servos to actuate and deactivate the differentials as well as switch to high/low gears on the transmission. This is accomplished using sleeved micro cables, instead of linkages that would limit the suspension movement and travel.

Dual Battery Trays

TRX4 Bronco Bronco’s battery tray can accommodate a full length 5000mah 3s lipo pack or a 7600mah 2s lipo pack for extended run times. A hinged battery strap is used to keep the battery tight and secured. This avoids the hassle of lost pins. The strap just flips over to adjust for different battery heights. Unique to the bronco, the secondary front mounted battery tray is positioned over the front axle and fits 1/16 scale batteries. This helps keep the weight on the front end for superior traction and grip while climbing and uneven terrain.

Floor Pans

Traxxas integrated the tough floor pans with the wheel wells to achieve scale appearance and to keep debris out of the chassis.

Adjustable Rock SlidersTraxxas TRX-4 Bronco rock sliders

The Traxxas TRX4 Bronco features rock sliders to help protect it from damage and gives some more support to the body. The rock sliders are adjustable for different widths.

Detailed Front Grill and Chrome Finish Bumpers

Full Traxxas Treatment on this TRX4 Bronco. The body details include a chrome grille, side trim, and bumpers. The details on this truck are authentic from the real bronco down to the smallest detail including the headlight buckets and reflectors. Traxxas left nothing out, As it even features chrome differential covers.Traxxas TRX-4 Bronco Chrome Grill

Bronco Vehicle Specs:

Length: 20.57 inches

Weight: 6.42 lbs

Front Track: 9.78 inches

Rear Track: 9.78 inches

Ground Clearance: 3.14 inches

Height: 10.47 inches

Wheelbase 12.28 inches

Approach Angle: 63.82 degrees

Departure Angle: 43.22 degrees

Breakover Angle: 58.93 degrees

Front Shock Length: 3.54 inches

Rear Shock Length: 3.54 inches

Front Wheels: 1.9 x 1.02 inches

Rear Wheels: 1.9 x 1.02 inches

Front Tires: 4.64 x 1.89 inches

Rear Tires: 4.64 x 1.89 inches

What’s Included In The Box

Ready to run TRX-4 Bronco model,

XL5 HV Waterproof Electronic Speed Control,

Titan 21T Reverse Rotation Motor,

TQI 2.4ghz Radio system with cruise control,

High-Quality Maintenance Tools

What do you think about this Traxxas trx4 bronco? Do you have any experience with this truck? Leave a comment below, “I” would really like to hear your thoughts.

5 thoughts on “Traxxas TRX4 Bronco Review

    1. Hi Michael,
      For a 10 year old I would recommend the Traxxas rustler. It is a great RC and has plenty of upgrades so he could have this car for a long time. He could also go with red-cat volcano EPX. That is another great RC truck.
      Thank you.


  1. The Traxxas bronco is sweet. My buddy has one, though he never let me play with. He had a blue and white body that reminds me of the old scout (real vehicle) from back in the day. I love the body in your top picture though it looks like the real Ford bronco which I am a fan of. Great deatials they put in to this Bronco RC truck.


    1. Hi Mike,
      Yes Traxxas has put a lot of detail and technology into the Bronco. They did have a few styles of bronco body they used. My favorite is the original looking black and orange Ford bronco body.


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