Traxxas Slash 2wd XL-5

Traxxas Slash Brushless Conversion

This Traxxas Slash brushless conversion will guide you through how to convert your own Traxxas Slash. The Traxxastraxxas slash Slash xl-5 is a great RC truck and has been a lot of fun, However, it is now ready for an upgrade. The Traxxas Slash I am using in this guide has been converted to an LCG chassis.

This guide also applies to The original Traxxas Slash chassis, As the only difference is the location of the ESC. The ESC on the original chassis is mounted in front of the rear shock tower. So now that you are aware of that, let’s get started.

The Parts List

The first thing you will need to do is to get your parts, Right?

Now there are a lot of different motors and ESCs you can get like Traxxas, castle, etc. And what one you get is truly up to you. For this guide I am will be using the Traxxas parts.

Traxxas velineon 3800 – 3351R

Velineon VXL-3s ESC – 3355R

TQi Receiver w/TSM – 6533

TQi Transmitter 2-ch – 6509

The BreakDown – Removing The Old Partstraxxas slash gear cover

OK, Now that you have all your parts, let’s go ahead and get the parts removed from the truck.

  1. The first thing you need to do is remove the 4 clips and remove the body.
  2. Remove the gear cover. Remove the two (2) screws and remove the cover.
  3. Now remove set screw from pinion gear and slide pinion gear of the motor shaft.
  4. Disconnect the (3) motor wires and pull them out through the shock tower.
  5. Remove the (2) screws holding the motor in place and remove the motor.
  6. Then Remove the (2) screws holding the receiver box cover and remove the covertraxxas slash pinion
  7. Disconnect the ESC from the receiver
  8. Now, Take out the (2) screws holding the ESC and remove the ESC
  9. Disconnect the Steering servo from the Receiver and remove the Receiver.

Installing The Upgraded Brushless System

All right, now that you have removed all the parts from your truck. It is time to start putting it back together with the new brushless system.

  1. Install the new receiver into the receiver box (double-sided tape) and plug in the steering servo. Be sure to plug the steering servo into the channel 2 slot.
  2. Take the new ESC and install it with the (2) mounting screws.
  3. Route the ESC wires as there were previously and plug them into the receiver.
  4. Reinstall the receiver box cover and secure the (2) hold down screws.traxxas slash receiver box
  5. Install the new brushless motor into the gearbox and do not tighten the (2) mounting screws yet.
  6. Take the pinion gear and slide it on to the pinion shaft and tighten the set screw.
  7. Now slide the motor slightly forward or backward to set the gear mesh. (make sure the teeth fit between the teeth of the spur gear. I use a piece of paper folded between the two gears and tighten down the motor)
  8. Once gear mesh is set and the motor is tightened, install gear cover with the (2) mounting screws.traxxas brushless motor wires
  9. Run the motor wires back through the shock tower and connect them into the ESC. Make sure the correct wires are connected. Color white, yellow, and blue should connect to the same color on ESC(blue to blue, White to white, yellow to yellow) or A, B, C
  10. If they are lettered, Then usually are as follows: A to blue, B to yellow and C to white.

Traxxas Slash Brushless Conversion Complete

That is all there is to converting your Traxxas slash to brushless. “If” you have stayed with me this far, Then you are about ready to test out your new brushless truck. To that, I say well done!

The transmitter and receiver should already be programmed. Traxxas programs their electronics to make it easier for the user. Even if you got used parts, As long as they were for the Traxxas slash you should be all set to go. So Go, Test it out and have some real fun now. Your truck is going to seem like a completely different truck.traxxas slash chassis

The power and speed of your truck are going to be amazing. You will have to try it out and probably will have to change the gearing. The gearing set up on the brushed version may not be good for the brushless. So make sure you test it out and check your temps. “If” it runs hot then you will have to change the gearing. For more information on the Traxxas Slash, you can click here to check out my Traxxas Slash Review.

“If” you need help in finding your brushless system you can check out my Article on motors here.

“If” you would like to purchase a Traxxas Slash you can find yours here.

Great Job On Converting Your Traxxas Slash

I really hope this guide has helped you out. You should now know how to easily upgrade your RC truck to brushless, As well as how to change any of the electronics if and when something goes wrong. This is pretty easy stuff here. Maybe it can seem a little overwhelming if you have no experience, However, once you get in there and do it, you quickly see how straightforward and simple it really is. Now go have some fun!

How did you like this guide? Has this article helped you in any way? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts or questions. Even if you think there is something else that should be added here, let me know in your comment. I will reply to you shortly.

2 thoughts on “Traxxas Slash Brushless Conversion

  1. This brushless conversion was pretty easy to do. After reading this article, I converted my slash to brushless. Your guide was easy to understand and follow, thank you. The question I have is, if you wanted to go with a different motor other than traxxas, would it need programming?


    1. Hello Victor,
      If you wanted to go with something else like castle, you would need motor and esc. In that case yes, it would need programming. Really any motor/esc combo other than a factory system will need to be programmed.


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